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Payout2021-09-10 10:31:21$33.68Paid by schedule
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Payout2021-09-04 13:03:58$42.74Paid by schedule
Spend2021-09-04 6:16:00$400.00Our Investment
Payout2021-09-01 16:18:48$11.98Paid by schedule
Payout2021-08-29 17:55:07$64.61Paid by schedule
Payout2021-08-26 12:32:40$27.42Paid by schedule
Payout2021-08-23 10:34:15$42.06Paid by schedule
Payout2021-08-20 12:42:59$121.71Paid by schedule
Payout2021-08-17 10:45:18$1.63Paid by schedule
Payout2021-08-14 17:20:29$5.90Paid by schedule
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Payout2020-09-10 7:52:51$4.05Paid by schedule
Payout2020-09-07 17:01:08$6.60Paid by schedule
Payout2020-09-04 11:52:45$2.03Paid by schedule
Payout2020-08-31 17:27:21$3.06Paid by schedule
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Payout2020-08-05 9:58:04$8.15Paid by schedule
Payout2020-08-01 11:02:57$30.30Paid by schedule
Payout2020-07-28 11:40:33$6.00Paid by schedule
Payout2020-07-25 7:34:52$12.47Paid by schedule
Payout2020-07-20 10:13:34$10.70Paid by schedule
Payout2020-07-17 4:40:49$8.18Paid by schedule
Payout2020-07-12 10:18:22$15.00Paid by schedule
Payout2020-07-10 10:33:54$10.80Paid by schedule
Payout2020-07-06 9:19:38$16.80Paid by schedule
Payout2020-07-03 9:12:11$12.00Paid by schedule
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Payout2020-06-07 10:02:25$9.60Paid by schedule
Payout2020-06-04 10:02:35$15.90Paid by schedule
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Payout2020-05-16 8:01:10$4.09Paid by schedule
Payout2020-05-13 7:53:29$6.00Paid by schedule
Payout2020-05-10 14:56:54$12.60Paid by schedule
Payout2020-05-07 9:37:58$10.20Paid by schedule
Payout2020-05-02 7:45:31$21.16Paid by schedule
Payout2020-04-29 8:09:53$6.00Paid by schedule
Payout2020-04-26 0:46:30$12.00Paid by schedule
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Payout2020-04-17 5:26:11$12.95Paid by schedule
Payout2020-04-15 7:19:51$10.31Paid by schedule
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Payout2020-04-08 7:44:07$8.10Paid by schedule
Payout2020-04-02 4:39:08$7.63Paid by schedule
Payout2020-04-01 17:35:22$4.50Paid by schedule
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Payout2018-08-29 10:14:28$1.80Paid by schedule
Payout2018-08-14 10:02:53$1.50Paid by schedule
Payout2018-08-09 10:24:47$1.50Paid by schedule
Spend2018-08-07 3:43:16$100.00Our Investment

About is a high yield investment program or HYIP that offers 114% after 30 daysas minimal profit for investment. HYIP is an online investment program that typically offers very high returns on the capital invested.

Plans : 114% after 30 days; 0.37% daily for 30 days

Payment Type : Manual

Minimum Deposit : $10

Maximum Deposit : No Limit

Referral Commission : 3%

Payment Methods : PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Payeer, Litecoin, Ethereum

This is what it says on website:

Zion Finance LTD is a financial and credit organization that provides financial services to legal entities and individuals. The company works with money, securities and precious metals, provides loans to legal entities, and invests in promising projects. Through this site, Zion Finance LTD attracts funds from private customers by offering the safe storage of money on deposits. Review

Date Added
Investment Plan114% after 30 days
Alexa Traffic Rank27,590

Is paying, legit or scam?

The current status of is Paying. Please let us know in the comment section about your experience.


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