Yoni Assia claims that BTC is the most prominent digital currency and will never cease to exist,

Yoni Assia claims that BTC is the most prominent digital currency and will never cease to exist,

Although countries such as El Salvador have embraced BTC as a legal tender, some other nations are making moves to prohibit the use of cryptocurrencies. According to business professionals, BTC will never go into extinction even though some nations are planning to prohibit its use.

As an instance, at the Miami 2021 BTC conference, the CEO of eToro, Yoni Assia, disclosed that he believes that BTC is the greatest of all digital currency and will remain in circulation. The CEO stated that he will be shocked if BTC value doesn’t increase reasonably within the next 3 to 5 years due to the fact that billions of individuals don’t have a valuable and promising native currency.

However, for such a dream to be actualized, the MD of the United States eToro, Guy Hirsch noted that there is a need for people to recognize and accept the integrity of decentralizing currency. According to him, the best thing that can actualize such aspiration is to practically differentiate state from money.

According to Assia, and as a preparation for the future, eToro is creating a link to connect the crypto industry and local finance. He remarked that the union of capitals and crypto resources is necessary. He also acknowledged that most of their customers sell both stocks and digital currency in the system and that such a trend will be continuous.

He went further to state that it’s encouraging to witness more enterprises embracing cryptocurrency, primarily when it involves innovations within the decentralized currency. Assia noted that notwithstanding the limitations of decentralized finance, it still has many stunning innovations that will penetrate the local and authorized financial establishments, centralized firms, to deliver such services to customers.

Besides, Assia asserted that he believes there is going to be a transfer of more than a hundred trillion dollars to the local digital assets for the next ten years. He stated that this will be prompted by the idea that almost all the financial stocks are going to finally be integrated into the blockchain systems.


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