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Overview: the easiest place to buy, sell your crypto

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CoiniSwap offers traders around the world, a robust, and secure trading platform with multi-platform capabilities. At CoiniSwap, we believe that reputation is key, and that is why our approach to trust-building is based on transparency, clarity, and a fast and easy deposit/withdrawal process.

Committed to providing the most competitive spreads, a wide range of market opportunities, and the highest level of security, CoiniSwap is the today’s platform of choice for top trading conditions and customer service.

Why CoiniSwap?
Serving over 60 countries worldwide, CoiniSwap has the experience and know-how to provide traders with all the tools and market insight that they need to perform successful trades. Creating a safe, secure, and user-friendly environment, CoiniSwap’s ongoing mission is to provide traders with the best trader experience yet.

High leverage – up to 1:150
Tight spreads
No trading fees or commissions
Speedy trade executions
Multi-platform trading options – WEB, MOBILE
Transparent, clear UX
Cutting-edge design and functionality
First-class customer service Review

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Taglinethe easiest place to buy, sell your crypto
Alexa Traffic Rank1,434,125

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I was trading forex all the time, but then I decided to focus only on crypto and was happy when I found Coiniswap - they don't have stocks and forex currency pairs, only crypto and I like it, cause they have bigger selection of trading crypto pairs, more than 200, I think plus I can buy crypto as well.
2 weeks ago
I like Coiniswap not only because they are crypto fovused only, but also because they don't have trading fees or commissions and have a first-class customer service!
1 week ago
Maybe next time I will be more careful Investing in this company was one of the terrible decision I made this year, I had made my first few investments and collected my returns. I then advance to make a large sum payment only for me to find out that I had been ripped.
At the time, it felt like a dream. I contacted a friend I know deals in stocks and he recommended this |Fightingscams-at-aol. com|and they handled the situation even after the crypto site was shut down. I got most of my money back in a few days ago and its been the best feeling ever.
Please let us all be careful out there. As beautiful as the returns of this investments might seem. You can easily fall victim of numerous scams..
2 days ago