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Williston approves Bitcoin

Williston approves Bitcoin

Williston, a city in North Dakota, has joined the trend as it approves the use Bitcoin.

Williston’s finance director, Hercules Cummings in a statement yesterday declared that the council is in collaboration with BitPay to legalize the use of BTC for utility bills payment.

According to the executive, Williston is the first city in North Dakota, and third Nationwide, to collaborate with the BitPay firm.

Cummings made it known that, for now, crypto payment will be eligible for only utility bills. However, the city is making plans for a rigorous check to make provision for other bills, such as landfill, permits, and licenses. The city takes this measure to accommodate other methods of bill payment which gives room for stress-free payments, even from a distance.

He also stated that the crypto payment, like other online platform, is more secured, less expensive, and can be done at one’s convenient time.

Based on the update, BitPay adds a service fee of 1% as the cost of online utility bills, which is far better when compared to the 3% charges with payment through other online platform.

The residents of Williston cangenerate a BitPay invoice via the city’s official website, where they will be required to fill in their account details. Also, an online wallet can be obtained through BitPay for payments.

Presently, major states of the United States are making plans for a friendly law to favor cryptocurrency payment method. Based on the earlier update, lawmakers of Nebraska supported the idea of state banks to manage crypto. Similar to the proposition in Miami Florida, Tennessee — the mayor of Jackson — made a proposal for public workers to be paid in BTC.

Following the Statistics from Newsweek magazine, 17% of adults in U.S. which is about 46,000,000 Americans, make use of Bitcoin. Former estimate made by crypto exchange, shows that as of last year, 21,000,000 adults, which is about 14% of the United State population, are investors of crypto.



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