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why $MORPH is skyrocketing right now?

May 3, 2021 (updated May 3, 2021)

3 wallets with 500k in assets have just bought over 10k usd each. (One over 30k, and the price x2’d) Do they know something? Follow the smart money?

Twitter + TG: @morphosecash

WORKING PRODUCT + AUDITED : Fully Decentralized Protocol for Private Transactions on BSC

It’s an audited decentralized privacy protocol using zk-SNARK in the style of, but it’s not a clone. It doesn’t rely on an off-chain relayer which makes it more decentralized. It breaks the on-chain link between transactions on Binance Smart Chain (it also works for ETH and is polkadot ready). The token is on BSC.

The token is built on BSC. The platform is currently usable both on BSC and ETH, and is Polkadot-ready.

New feature added this week: To compensate for ethereum abstraction not being live yet, dev added a faucet that gets activated on withdrawal that allows you to withdraw from any wallet that has no BNB into it because you get 25% of the fee paid back to pay for gas. This is revolutionary and removes the need for an offchain relayer like tornado cash, improving decentralization, while still allowing you to withdraw with an entirely new wallet. Brilliant work around.


100k max supply
~50k circulating (rest locked, vesting over a year)
9.5$ per token
475k~ market cap
100% Liq locked for a year
Not yet on coingecko and CMC.

Presale was 1bnb = 250 $MORPH

Similar project: Tornadocash is a mixer for privacy on ethereum. It takes a higher fee than Morphose (3% IIRC instead of 1% like Morphose). It has been around for a long time and obfuscates a decent amount of transactions on ethereum. It currently has 102M market cap!

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Thanks for your thoughts! I see a real product behind morphose and I believe BSC is going to be important in the future so I see morphose as a tornado for the mainstream public. Do you think the price is high? marketcap is under 1M with a 100k max supply
1 week ago