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What is the Reason BTC must be so slow?

May 3, 2021 (updated May 3, 2021)

What is the Reason the BTC Transactions are Still slow.  And Even that expensive also.
Bnb and xrp Nice cheap and smooth.

And ETH is Not cheap to send but at least its fast.
But erc 20 tokens…  Like USDT its stupid and insane how high are fees!!

What is the Main Reason the BTC creators Can’t fix that Old stupid problem?
I m Kind of person I Want quality of everything.
And no time for bs.

Maybe the buterin and binance owner Can teach satoshi and garlinghouse how to make Better coin in terms of speed!!

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BNB and XRP are centralized shit coins. They are effectively the same as an excel spreadsheet controlled by a single. That entity can move numbers around on the spreadsheet instantly and for free, moving coins between different addresses instantly and for free. However, that entity can also give themselves a billion new coins out of thin air, can freeze your addresses, can seize your coins, can blacklist your transactions. They might be fast and cheap, but you are giving up decentralization, security, and safety in return.

Decreasing block time to get faster confirmations doesn't actually solve the problem. Drop the block time to 1 minute, and you now need 10 confirmations to be as secure as a transaction with 1 confirmation at the moment. That's why coins like Litecoin or Bcash might seem fast, but actually days to reach the same security that bitcoin does in 6 confirmations. Not to mention problems with higher rates of conflicting blocks, stale blocks,
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