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What is the Best Time to sell ?

May 3, 2021 (updated May 3, 2021)

You don’t need to think much when you are buying something but when you want to sell there is always a fear that what if the price increases?

As a boy belonging to middle-class family, I don’t have a large share BTC hodling and now I am unable to figure out what should I do? Here are my few questions……

Should I hold for more time?

Should I buy some more now only or wait if the price dips a bit?

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**Should I hold for more time?**
It's completely up to you. Do you personally think that bitcoin will be worth more in the future? If so, then hold. If not, then sell. It's that simple.

**Should I buy some more now only or wait if the price dips a bit?**

As always, bitcoin could go either way(up or down). Probably put yourself in a situation whereas you can take advantage if bitcoin either goes up or goes down. Probably buy in with 50% of your cash and have the other 50% ready for when bitcoin drops. Again, only you can answer this because we don't have a single idea on your financial situation.

In general though, for people that have little to no idea with investing, Dollar Cost Averaging(DCA) is probably going be the best choice.

1 week ago