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About Wealthpay.org

Wealthpay.org is a Russian e-currency exchange where cryptocurrency like bitcoin can be exchange to cash dollar (Russia). The country currency of Russian is called Rubble not cash dollar (Russia). Due to the English translation of the website, some words translated in a way others that who can’t understand Russian language can grasp the intended meaning.


  1. Aside from the fact that Wealthpay.org supports the exchange of different cryptocurrencies and other country currencies in vice versa, they also supports exchanging of bank checks as stated in their “Check and send Wire” website section.
  2. Wealthpay.org has a generous referral program that can be found in their “affiliate program” website section – As you can see in the screenshots below is an illustration of how much in the percentage value when one recruiter was able to refer a person that exchange an amount that range not more than 100 US dollar, that recruiter will get 10% in a total amount the client exchange. The percentage of commission can range up to 25% when the client exchange an amount in US dollar of more than 100,000. There is also a referral commission in the second level. Second level referrals are users that register in the website under the people who recruited them but also will have a reward to those who recruited those users. But the said referral commission has its own terms and conditions must be fulfilled before any user will get the monetary reward.


  1. There is no detailed terms and conditions that can be found in Wealthpay.org website. A legal e-currency exchange service even those that are not KYC (refers to Know Your Customers) compliant, must atleast have a detailed terms and conditions indicating the possible risks that their clients might encounter using their service. For example, the e-currency exchange website Unichange.me I use before to transfer my bitcoins to my Paypal account has a detailed terms and conditions
  2. There’s no customer reviews that can be seen in Wealthpay.org website. Although they have a Telegram channel that can be seen in their “Contacts” website section – https://wealthpay.org/contacts. But upon checking their Telegram channel to see user reviews, there’s no even single message posted by other members


In the homepage of Wealthpay.org, the logo of BTC-e is listed as one of their partners in payment processing. BTC-e is also an e-currency exchange that starts in July 2011 and its headquarters is in the country of Russia but the U.S. government seized their website in July 2017 due to international money laundering scheme issue This is a sign that this website is scam because if they are indeed trusted, they will update the information in their website.

Is Wealthpay.org paying, legit or scam?

The current status of Wealthpay.org is Paying. Please let us know in the comment section about your experience. You can post your proof of payments too.

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