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Waves Ducks is a game focused on collectible digital duck images in the NFT format.

You can collect ducks and share them with other players, as well as breed ducks to get a unique, highly valuable item.

How to start playing

  1. Go to website. Click Start or Start Playing and Click Sign up and fill up the form.
  2. Get EGGs on or recieve them for participating in the game’s rounds
  3. Log in to In the corner of the screen, you’ll see the number of EGGs available to you.


To get a digital duck in exchange for EGGs, follow these steps:
Go to the Incubator section
Hit the Hatch a duck button. To start hatching, you need a sufficient number of EGGs.
Wait for 2 minutes for a duck to “pop out of the egg”
In the Duck Wallet section, you’ll see your new duck. Congrats!

Bear in mind that each subsequent duck will cost more EGGs than the previous one. So, hurry up!


Every duck’s genotype includes eight letters, a dash and two more letters. A duck’s genotype determines its rarity. The higher a duck’s rarity, the more valuable it is and the more farming rewards it will yield.
The first 8 letters are responsible for a duck’s appearance. Currently, 6 versions are in the game:

  • А – elon
  • B – satoshi
  • C – doge
  • D – bogdanoff
  • E – chad
  • F – harold

Say, if you breed aaaaaaaa and bbbbbbbb, the new duck acquires a random combination of these letters. For instance, the duck abaababb could get a beak from Elon, eyebrows from Satoshi, a head from Elon etc.

The first letter after the dash stands for a duck’s generation. A duck that has just popped up will have the lowest generation of G (genesis). The subsequent generations are

  • H – hero
  • I – ideal
  • K – knight
  • L – lord
  • M – magical

The higher the generation, the more unique a duck is: to get a duck of a higher generation, you need to breed two ducks of a lower generation. The higher generation can’t be breeded. The second letter after the dash stands for the background color

  • R stands for red
  • Y for yellow
  • G for green
  • B for blue

Each duck has a background color. Perches also come in different colors. To farm successfully, a duck should be put on a perch of a matching color. When two ducks are bred, the new duck’s backgrounds will be determined totally randomly.


Duck rarity is an indicator of a digital duck’s uniqueness. Genesis ducks are the least unique items as they are issued in a relatively large number, while ducks of next generations, produced by breeding, have higher rarity.


By “breeding” two ducks, a user can create a new-generation duck of higher rarity. Each duck can be used for breeding only once, after which the parent ducks become “sterile.”

To “breed” a duck, follow these instructions.

  • Go to the Breeding section
  • Select two ducks from your collection that you want to breed (you
  • need at least two non-sterile ducks for breeding)
  • Hit the Breed button
  • Wait for 2 minutes

Your new duck will be displayed in the My Farm section

Breed as many ducks as you can from various generations to improve your chances of getting a 100% rare duck!


To buy a duck on the marketplace, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Marketplace section
  • Select a duck
  • Buy it instantaneously at the buyout price or place a bet

The duck will be displayed in the My Farm section.


To sell a duck on the marketplace, follow these steps:

  • Go to the My Farm section
  • Select a duck
  • Hit the Start auction button


You can “farm” EGGs to increase their number. Follow these steps:

  • Go to the My Farm section
  • Acquire a “perch” at a fixed rate of 1 EGG
  • Click on the perch and select a duck of a matching color
  • As soon as you put your duck on the perch, it will start producing EGGs. The counter below the perch will be updated every minute, displaying your increasing number of EGGs.

The farming functionality is available for all ducks in the game, including genesis ducks and new-generation ducks produced by breeding. Ducks of higher rarity will farm more EGGs. The earlier you start farming, the more EGGs you can get. Review

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Alexa Traffic Rank106,938

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