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Overview: Staking UME and EFT | Earn up to 500%/year

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Added: April 29, 2021 (updated May 3, 2021)

Status: Paying

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Uswap is one of the fastest growing projects in the Tron network and DeFi world.

There are several tools for making money on

    – Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile (currency with frequent price fluctuations) asset, this allows you to make money on the rate of decline or growth of a particular token.
    – Traders will use your funds for the exchange, for which they pay a commission of 0.3% for each exchange (swap). And this 0.3% is distributed among all liquidity providers in proportion to the share in the pool.
    – Every second you receive pleasant bonuses in the form of a UME or EFT token, which can be exchanged for any currency you are interested in.
    -You get your 15% from all income from staking of your referral
    -The referral reward is credited to your wallet at the moment your referral withdraws the earned funds.


How to connect a wallet?

  1. Go to Click on “Connect to Wallet” on the top left of the navigation bar.
  2. Choose “TronLink Wallet”. Note: If you haven’t installed Tronlink chrome extension yet, CLICK HERE to install Tronlink on your chrome browser.
  3. Enter the password and log into your TronLink chrome account.
  4. After the connection is successful, you will see your wallet address and its TRX balance on the top right corner.

How to add liquidity?

  1. Choose “Liquidity” at the top menu and click “Add Liquidity”, or choose the liquidity you have already added from Liquidity ->Your Liquidity and click on “Add”.
  2. Choose two tokens you want to add liquidity to and enter the number of funds you want to add, then click “Supply”.
  3. Click ” Confirm to supply” in the confirmation window
  4. Confirm the use of tokens from the wallet by clicking “Accept”.
  5. Adding liquidity requires confirmation from your wallet. Please click “Accept” in the “Request Signature” pop-up window
  6. Confirm the use of tokens from the wallet by clicking “Accept”.

How to farm UME token

  1. Add liquidity.
  2. Go to Staking Menu and Select any pool you like.
  3. Click Stake. For Example TRX/USDT
  4. Enter the amount of liquidity pool tokens you want to stake.
  5. The operation requires confirmation from your wallet. Please click “Accept” in the “Request Signature” pop-up window.Then close the window.
  6. Done. Now you can track your UME tokens. All farmed UME tokens that you can claim will be shown here on the “Pending Claim” box.

Is paying, legit or scam?

The current status of is Paying. Please let us know in the comment section about your experience.

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