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Spend2021-08-20 9:30:08$610.00Our Investment


officially launched date : 20-08-2021

minimum investment

investment plans
1.3% – 2.3% daily / accruals occur every hour.

deposit option and withdrawal
Bitcoin, etherum, litecoin, perfect money and payeer.

referral commission
5% – 2% – 1% ref commission.

Warning – am not the admin neither the owner so therefore don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose on this program. Review

Date Added
Investment Plan1.3% - 2.3% daily
Alexa Traffic Rank68,912
StatusNot Paying

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Tried Fxtradingbot. Net for the first time and found it very simple. The customer care was prompt and helpful. Highly recommended for trading, buying and selling crypto. I invested and got %200 profit in just 2weeks.
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1 week ago
They are full-fledged evil-born scoundrels, they have cheated us 50,000 Euros with a loan behind our backs, promising us a profit of 100,000 Euros and it is all a lie, they pretend to be blockchain to ask you for commission money. reported both to the police and by my lawyer but nothing happened, they leave many people in ruin upload it to social networks so that everyone can see that it is a ghost platform, How can people be so cruel, ripping innocent customers trying to make some money, totally unacceptable. After many trials trying to get my investment back i was finally able to rely on to build up a case for me, Surprisingly it took less than 2weeks to have my funds recovered back to me. I am glad i could trust a few if not all. Thank you for all
1 week ago
Thanks you ADMIN@SAFERELIANCE.COM. They were quite attentive to my circumstance and got me my money back. Excellent service. I have no hesitation in commending them to anyone else who has been scammed. A grateful client. If you have been through the same issue and know you got scammed, I strongly recommend their services
3 days ago