Unstoppable Domain corporates with Blockchain.com for easy fund transfer via a domain address

Unstoppable Domain corporates with Blockchain.com for easy fund transfer via a domain address

Blockchain.com — a principal crypto wallet provider — has corporated with Unstoppable Domains so as to make the transfer of crypto funds very easy and fast for traders. This will make it possible for traders that make use of Blockchain.com to transfer their tokens to key wallets without any rigorous process, by simply keying a clear domain.

This new development was disclosed today by the Unstoppable Domains, noting that thirty-two million validated users of Blockchain.com can transfer funds through a username and not necessarily by a lengthy address of a wallet.

This idea helps to eliminate the peril of human mistake when transferring funds, facilitating trades among those who use Blockchain.com and over fifty other wallets and firms assisted by Unstoppable Domains.

The corporation enables traders to transfer Bitcoin and other digital currencies via a readable user address and not through an alphanumeric wallet address of twenty-five to forty-two digits. This will save users from unnecessary typo errors. According to Matthew Gould, the Chief Executive Officer of Unstoppable Domains, an alert indicating an address that is not valid pops up when the address has not been integrated into any wallet.

The CEO noted that the number of characters for a user’s address is not specific. He stated that they advise users to use what is readable and can easily be remembered— such as your names.

This development is happening as Unstoppable Domains is gaining a landmark, having sold over 1M domain names that were stamped as NFTs on the ETH network. Alongside fund transfer, the NFT domain that has a .crypto suffix is utilized in the formation of decentralized websites for content publications and as an entry to Web3.


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