TikTok Now Prohibits Crypto Ads

TikTok Now Prohibits Crypto Ads

This latest development suggests Dogecoin promotions will no longer be seen through this medium.

Tiktok mentioned on Friday that it was banning some kinds of adverts on its platform and one of them is crypto-related content.

In general, any video that is aimed at supporting  financial products are banned, no matter where the person is posting from. FT Adviser puts it this way: “According to TikTok’s branded content policy, the promotion of all financial services and products is now globally prohibited.”

Dogecoin got most of its supporters through TikTok last year when the few that were already in it posted promotional videos to attract others.  TikTok hasn’t been the only medium for promoting financial markets because even on Facebook and Reddit, issues about past, present, and future stocks are discussed.

In Martin Bamford’s opinion, one of the executives at Informed Choice, TikTok doesn’t want anything that would make people post their referral links anymore. Examples include promoting  airdrops with referral links, and recommending trading platforms in a bid to get bonuses.

Time will tell if the prohibition by TikTok is for every financial product or if it is peculiar to only those that canvass for more members. Three years ago, it was Google’s prohibition of crypto advert that made the news but the ban was modified few months ago to favor some organizations so long as they keep to some updated guidelines.


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