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Citybuildtrade - 3% daily for 100 days

Overview: Plan 1 - 20%, Plan 2 - 35%, Plan 3 - 50%

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Ascort is a good investment it pays well and good Review

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TaglinePlan 1 - 20%, Plan 2 - 35%, Plan 3 - 50%
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Is paying, legit or scam?

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15 thoughts on “”

  1. I see this company lasting long because of their paying skills, They have never stopped paying.
    This is truly a reliable and trustworthy platform,

  2. I am in doubt because they said u can not reinvest and withdraw on same day .. They fine me ..after paying fine 100$ . they ask to deposit 300$ for insurance fee. They said after paying insurance fee your withdraw will be open ….now tell me what to do.

  3. Biatoll avatar Biatoll says:

    I have tried investing with them. It’s a good place for make profit. Good support and pays instantly.
    I am happy with this company.

  4. Nameriputh says:

    I invested in this company but they haven’t paid me yet?! When I requested for withdrawal I was told to pay insurance fee first before am paid?! Yet this was not the case when I was investing here something strange after investing money you told pay more money so that you can withdraw this is signs of scam?!!

  5. Gombaniro Tembeya says:

    I loved investing much with Digitrades because I needed a trustworthy investing company. I have never been paid. When I requested my first withdrawal the company told me I should first pay policy insurance, and I did. After paying it I was told again to pay a government Taxation then be allowed to withdraw. Can people experienced with this company help to understand? Support team no longer showing up.

    1. Gugulethu avatar Gugulethu says:

      sorry sir but this is not true. i have spent years investing in this company, i have been getting and i am still getting paid. I love this company they are good and the customer support can never stop showing up

      1. Shere says:

        My payment still saying pending

    2. Yes , they have as lo told me to my 300$ insurece police fee. After that ur withdrew will be allowed not tell me friends what should I do

    3. I got the same question from them what should I do now

    4. Do they still paying and what about insurance police

    5. Do it is paying after insurance fee

  6. mercy avatar mercy says:

    goodday, I am happy about this particular company. it is a good one
    after all my reinvestments i still got paid in full

    1. sabb says:

      How much did you invest for the return before you got paid?

  7. Cynthia avatar Cynthia says:

    when i was introduced to digitrades
    i saw it as a random company that might scam me but then i decided to try it out, now i realise how wrong i was… this people keep paying me for good
    i love digitrades

    1. Do it is paying when u deposit insurance fee 300$

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