Strike Provides Bitcoin Tab To Tackle Transaction Charges

Strike Provides Bitcoin Tab To Tackle Transaction Charges

The high charges accruing from engaging in Bitcoin enterprises is one outstanding reason a lot of people will not purchase the coin. This has affected negatively the number of digital assets investors. Several firms like PayPal  have made efforts to reduce or put an end to Bitcoin charges. For these firms that are concerned about the Bitcoin transaction charges, the charge is always around 3% or above on their platforms.

In a bid to tackle the situation, Strike, a digital wallet firm has stated that they will provide a Bitcoin Tab that customers can use to purchase Bitcoin at almost no cost. Jack Mallers who established Strike said that the company aims at making Bitcoin charges insignificantly low so that many can acquire the coin. He said that the company will in no time provide users the opportunity to purchase Bitcoin at almost no cost.

This, however, does not imply that people will not be charged to get Bitcoin. They are expected to pay as little as 0.3% for the transaction charge. This charge, according to Strike, is for the different platforms that Strike collaborates with to carry out their activities. Jack however has assured that when the clientele base grows, the charge will go as low as beneath 0.1%. He also stated that it will still come to a point when there will be no charges.

Worthy of mention is that the Bitcoin Tab is unavailable currently. The Tab is still on a trial run. The firm however is creating awareness so that people can get it when it is made available in the market. Strike founder had made assurances that the the Tab will be accessible to people few weeks from now. Many are optimistic about the proposed Bitcoin Tab while others view the company’s recent move as just creating awareness and not really trying to ameliorate transaction fees issue. Time however will reveal the true intention of the company.


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