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About is the approved website for interested investors of Soxgapat Limited. Many people are interested in trading cryptocurrencies and participating in the Forex market because they hear that the markets are profitable but they are not a part of either of the two because they are scared of losing money or they don’t have the kind of capital that can guarantee them high profits. Because of this, Soxgapat Limited thought it wise to open an online investment opportunity so that anyone across the world can take advantage of their wealth of experience and resources which are pulled from a lot of people. Therefore, by contributing something little, you can have a high increase in profits.

Just for your information, Soxgapat Limited is a registered entity having gotten a license with the number12582568. The certificate reveals that they have been registered since May 2020. Overview

Soxgapat is an online cryptocurrency trading company but they also pay profits with other methods. This means that even if Bitcoins is not supported in your country, that’s no excuse as you can still be rich without that.

Soxgapat Limited has prepared well for this time and has equipped investors with a highly functional website. The website browses superfast and it is equipped with several languages so that no matter where you come from, you can feel at home. There are tens of foreign languages on the website.

The FAQ page is self-explanatory. It was added there to help people understand the investment properly before they join. In summary, is an easy-to-use site even for anyone that has never invested online before now. Benefits

Low Minimum Deposit

With only $10, you too can join the league of successful cryptocurrency and forex traders. You can deposit this money through several means depending on the least expensive to you.

Free $10 Bonus

Once you sign up, you are eligible to have $10 which will be invested and the profits accumulated for you. The interest you will get from the bonus is 1% daily for 365 days but it is necessary to deposit some money before this special package can start running. Depositing only $10 can do this for you.

Hourly Payments offers investors the opportunity to earn every hour. This is not like those investment companies that will lock up your funds for days and weeks before releasing it to you. On Soxgapat, you can earn every hour for up to 30 days, depending on the package you choose. The packages available include:

  • Jumper: For those with $10-$399. Hourly profit of 0.18% for 30 days.
  • Advanced Package: For those with $400-$1499. Hourly profit of 0.22% for 25 days.
  • Business Package: For those with $1,500 to $3499. Hourly profit of 0.33% for 20 days
  • Premium Package: For those with $3500 to $5499. Hourly profit of 0.46% for 15 days
  • Superior Package: For those with $5500 to $500,000. Hourly profit of 0.75% for 10 days

17% Referral Commission

Referrals on are one of the richest because they can make 17% gains for just spreading the news. However, it’s a multi-tier reward system but those on level one can earn as much as 7%. This is quite high compared to other companies in the industry. The other referral bonuses from levels 2 to 5 are 4%, 3%, 2%, and 1% respectively.

24/7 All-Round Support

Soxgapat is really concerned about their investors so they are prompt to answering any questions they have. This is why there is also a chat window for communicating directly with an online agent. Chatting is fast but you can also send an email across to them especially if you are too busy to sit down for a conversation.

Conclusion is quite reliable at the moment. The profits are high and the hourly profits they give make them more preferable to others. Nevertheless, it is important that when investing, you should do so with minimum risk.

Is paying, legit or scam?

The current status of is Not Paying. Please let us know in the comment section about your experience. You can post your proof of payments too.

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