Skrill Adds more to Its Crypto Services

Skrill Adds more to Its Crypto Services

People using Skrill outside the U.S. can now transact with 35 cryptocurrencies, which now show in their wallets. This is happening months after those in the U.S. benefited from the same update.

The news was made known by Paysafe, the firm from which Skrill was formed. Before now, persons outside the U.S. only had 20 cryptocurrencies in their wallet.
From this week, non-U.S. residents that use Skrill will manage 35 cryptocurrencies in their accounts. The possibility of buying and selling crypto has also been activated for some people living in the U.S.

Some of the latest additions are commonly used DeFi products such as Aave, Curve, Balancer, and Uniswap. In addition, Polygon and Doge were included.

Apart from those on Skrill, Neteller users will also benefit from the same additions since Paysafe is also a parent to it.

Paysafe believes this is the right thing to do because most of its customers want it. Many of them want crypto so as to fall in line with the demands of the present financial systems.

Skrill started last year to hint that it was in support of cryptocurrencies. From that time, it showed concern about changing people’s fiat money to cryptocurrencies.

Based on what Skrill discovered this year about people interested in crypto, out of 8,000 respondents, 2,240 said people should buy cryptocurrency for the future. About 3,040 people said their wallets contained some cryptocurrencies already.


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