Overview: PROFITABILITY From 143% up to 156%

Alexa Traffic Rank: 132,015

Monitored: 526 days

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Keep that in mind. Investment risk is yours.

Shamining cloud platform:

Create an account and verify your identity.

Make an investment – rent a miner.

Get passive income and monitor statistics.


Lite power:
1.Starter miner with low profitability.

Pro miner:
2.Cluster of miners with high profitability.


1.CPU miners:-
Mining currency
Bitcoin power:-23 580 GH/s
Price pet 1 GH/S $ 0.0120
Maintenance fee:-$ 0.01081 GH/s daily.
profitability From 143%

2.GPU miners
Mining currency
Bitcoin power:-94 340 GH/s
Price per1 GH/S $ 0.0113
Maintenance fee:-$ 0.0106 for
1GH/s daily
Profitability From 149%

Withdrawal Options:-
bitcoin wallet address Review

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TaglinePROFITABILITY From 143% up to 156%
Alexa Traffic Rank132,015

Is paying, legit or scam?

The current status of is Paying. Please let us know in the comment section about your experience.


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3 thoughts on “”

  1. Jdizzle avatar Jason Howard says:

    Shamining is a SCAM. I went into my account after making a withdrawl request and they told me that my account had been suspended temporarily because of fraud. I wrote them and have been writing them emails about this and nobody ever returns any messages at all. I’ve obeyed everything and not done fraud. This company is hiding behind the bus, and needs to be exposed as a SCAM. Because I just don’t get it if my account is under suspicious fraud then just why does my account balance keep going up? I invested $500 to start and all was good until thus bullshit. STAY AWAY

    1. Kay2606 avatar Kay2606 says:

      Same here.
      They answered me, that they need more information from me. I gave them.
      Now still the account is blocked and no one answering

      1. So they did this to your account as well? I really like, not how the balance in the account is still able to accumulate an on-going total per day bit there’s nothing that can be done cause they won’t answer any emails or no responses as to their customer support staff that says that it’s online at all times.

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