Salinas Announces Plan To Open Bank That Will Adopt Bitcoin

Salinas Announces Plan To Open Bank That Will Adopt Bitcoin

On the scale of wealthiness, Salinas Pliego rates as the third wealthiest man in Mexico. The rich man made public his plans to run the first bank that will use Bitcoin in Mexico. In his June 27 twitter post, Salinas said he was a strong proponent of Bitcoin and would in anyways possible aid its cross border acceptability. He also opined that Bitcoin could be regarded as another gold. According to the billionaire, as evidence of his Bitcoin backing, he had decided that his bank would be the very first to adopt Bitcoin in Mexico.

Salinas founded the Grupo Salinas and doubles also as its head. Grupo Salinas is a corporate conglomerate based in Mexico composed of several companies including the domestic bank, Banco Aztecs. The aforementioned local bank also operates in other parts of America and in the previous year had its yearly income to be $2.54 billion. Bloomberg reportedly has it that Salinas’s wealth has increased by $2.8 billion this year bringing his financial worth to a whooping sum of $15.8 billion.

Kraken; a cryptocurrency enterprise was granted a charter to function as a bank in the United States in September last year after Kraken received an operation permit from Wyoming; a state known for its high crypto acceptability. Also, in October of last year, the board in charge of bank matters in Wyoming gave Avanti; a financial group, a charter to operate as a bank involved in crypto transactions.

Towards the end of last year, the head of currency in the above-mentioned state gave a charter which allowed financial technology companies to offer products which could be lent without being checkmated by banking supervisors. Anchorage was the first crypto company to obtain permit under the provision of the charter in January this year.


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