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Overview: earn Razer Silver

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Added: April 8, 2021

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Hey Gamers good news, Razer has added back their rewards program once again. This program was discontinued for a period of time, but now it is back. This is excellent and now you can earn Razer Silver once again for getting discounts on your favorite games, buy your streaming credits or even buy new material for your gaming PC from Razer. So if you have no idea how Razer works and you haven’t used Razer rewards in the past just keep on reading. This is a great way to do what you love the most, that is playing games, and earn rewards points so you can buy the games you love to play.

So How Does Razer Silver Work?

In order to earn Razer Silver, you’ll need to create an account with Razer to start off with.

Razer will give you an ID that you’ll need to use when you play games.

The special ID you have will receive rewards points each time you sign in to Razer Cortex PC.

If you haven’t already downloaded and installed Razer Cortex PC on your desktop or laptop computer this is the first place to start. You’ll need this program in order to earn the rewards for playing the games.
Great news, this is open worldwide so no matter if you live in North America, Europe, or even the Asia Pacific you can create an account on this site and earn Razer Silver.

Now just launch the Razer Cortex PC from your desktop or laptop and sign in with your special Razer ID.

Now go to the Rewards page and check to see which games you can play that will earn your Razer Silver. The games are updated all the time and they do run special where you can play certain games and earn double rewards for playing these games. You can find out what games they offer on their website. Keep checking the website all the time for the special offers they have so you can earn bonus points and double rewards to play the games you love.

Once you’ve selected your game all you need to do is start playing.
Points are rewarded to you after you’ve played the game for one minute or longer. The longer you play the game the more reward points you can earn. The site does have a cap on how many rewards points you can actually earn in a day.

During the time you’re playing the game, a popup will appear on your screen. This will tell you how many points you’ve earned. In the popup menu, it will tell you when you’ve reached your cap for the day. You can continue to play the game or stop and play again tomorrow.

How Can You Earn Razer Silver?

You’ll earn 50 Razer Silver points for playing the game for 10 minutes.
Sync your Stream account to your Razer ID and earn 50 Razer Silver points.

When you upgrade to a Gold membership, you’ll earn 1000 bonus silver points in your account.

Use your account and purchase games, epins or even in-game items to earn even more Razer Silver points.

If you have Razer Cortex Mobile Paid to Play, you can earn more points each time you launch this program.

Use the Mogual Arena and earn even more points.

Redeeming Your Points:

You’ll have 12 months to redeem the points you’ve accumulated from the site. This means if you earn 300 points today, they give you 12 months to redeem these points.

Just go to the Razer Silver Catalog on the site and see what you can get. They have a lot of different discount coupons you can get with your points, or get some Steam points to play with and even accessories for your computer.

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