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Added: March 29, 2021 (updated July 19, 2021)

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About queeninv.com

Queeninv is a CFD broker. Queeninv offers the QueeninvTrader CFD trading platform. Queeninv.com offers CFD on commodities, indices, stocks, currency pairs for your personal investment and trading options.

Queeninv is a financial services provider, offering a selection of more than 70 financial assets as CFDs to traders from almost all around the globe. Thanks to our intuitive trading platform, you get access to the world’s most exciting and volatile exchange market via your desktop, smartphone or tablet device. By doing so, you are able to manage your personal trading portfolio while enjoying immediate 1-click trading execution, all through a single smart dashboard display.

While our aim is to help clients make the most out of online trading, access liquidity, and manage risk effectively, our practical expertise,
comprehensive technology and unparalleled network allow us to deliver an unforgettable trading experience.

Min Trade Size: –

Max. Leverage: –

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Address: Boulevard Georges-Favon 40 1204 Genève

Is queeninv.com paying, legit or scam?

The current status of queeninv.com is Not Paying. Please let us know in the comment section about your experience.

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SCAM company!!!Everything is a lie. The Swiss address verified by the Swiss authorities, and the broker license too, is also fake. I loosed a lot of money with the Queen Investments. Avoid this company don't send money them at all! Adrian Goldman and Anton Edwards are the account managers of this company. Of course fake names. www.insta-trading.com is also operated by them. Till 2020 the quantomcapital.com was the main website which was closed by the FCA and because of that appears the new website, www.queeninv.com
This criminal guys are on the market more than 2 years ago. We must stop them, we must stop to scam other INNOCENT people!
3 months ago
Queeninv is a big scam company. They will make you deposit money and refused to grant any withdrawals. I called them to ask for the reasons why they kept denying my request and they told me to deposit more money. I refused and they closed my account. I had to contact a recovery company “Scaminspect.c o m”  to help me recoup all my money back from them. You can visit their website or send them an email on “support@scaminspect. c o m”
2 weeks ago
It is possible to recover what you lost to scam brokers but most people don’t know this because they
are either not informed or they have been conned by a recovery expert.
Truth is there are only a few people who can pull this off and I was lucky to meet with one of them.
If you need help with this I suggest sending mail to Rapidrecovery230 at gmail com
I actually went to their office so they are 100% legit. Get the peace of mind you deserve
2 weeks ago