- 4% daily for 35 days - 3.3% Daily for 30 Days - 102% after 7 days

Overview: 8% daily for 15 Days (Principal Included)

Alexa Traffic Rank: 408,986

Monitored: 16 days

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Invested: $610.00 | Payout: $535.58 | ROI:88%

8b Magical mechanism details
Payout2021-11-24 19:30:11$56.49Paid instantly!
Payout2021-11-23 18:40:06$69.00Paid instantly!
Payout2021-11-22 13:58:14$51.00Paid instantly!
Payout2021-11-21 19:57:04$49.07Paid instantly!
Payout2021-11-20 16:01:25$58.51Paid instantly!
Payout2021-11-19 13:31:33$60.00Paid instantly!
Payout2021-11-18 12:44:27$56.01Paid instantly!
Payout2021-11-17 19:07:19$86.60Paid instantly!
Payout2021-11-16 16:10:20$48.90Paid by schedule
Spend2021-11-16 10:46:31$610.00Our Investment


Investment Plans: 8% daily for 15 Days (Principal Included)

Minimal Spend: $10

Min Withdraw: $1 PM; $10 USDT TRC20

Referral: 5 Levels: 5% – 2% – 1% – 1% – 1%

This is what it says on website

Probitx Limited is an cryptocurrency investment fund for decentralized finance.

Purpose Probitx Limited is an cryptocurrency investment fund that actively contributes to the management, adoption and establishment of Decentralized Finance. This new wave of financial innovation that is made possible with blockchain technology will eventually grow out to be a global financial system. This system allows anyone to participate and contribute and be rewarded accordingly. We have the vision to help manage this new financial system for the better of the world.

We invest in a blockchain technology to realise systematic and radical change which allows individuals to make autonomous decisions about their capital. Review

Date Added
Investment Plan8% daily for 15 Days (Principal Included)
Alexa Traffic Rank408,986
StatusNot Paying

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