Plan B Predicts BTC’s Price for $135K-$450K in 2021

Plan B Predicts BTC’s Price for $135K-$450K in 2021

Bitcoin is going to soar as high as $450,000 says an analyst and he is very certain this will happen due to price action.

Going by the forecast, BTC is headed for $450,000 on or before December 2021 but even if that does not happen, it will be at $135,000 before next year.

This prediction was given by PlanB on June 20, 2021.

Bitcoin’s ATH will be seen again in October

Plan B is quite respected for his BTC/USD predictions having developed a popular method known as the stock-to-flow prediction model. Despite the downtrend in BTC, he has never stopped in predicting a bullish return this year.

At the moment, the prediction has it that even if it goes so bad, BTC will most assuredly trade for nothing less than $47,000 in August. It may drop in September but not below $43,000 to pave the way for another bullish trend that will see the price settle at about $63,000 in October.

It will continue to rise such that the price in November should be about $98,000 and $135,000 before January 1, 2022.

Plan B’s forecast therefore sees BTC regaining its last All-Time-High in four months from now. This doesn’t tally with what the bearish models speak. An example is that of Josh Rager who believes that BTC cannot go above $64,500.  In response to the bearish forecast, Plan B said: Wait until you seen my base case and best case scenarios! OK, a hint: best case Dec $450K.”

Kiyosaki places his buy limit at $24,000

It hasn’t been easy for Bitcoin to take a decision for its direction this weekend.

BTC recorded a low price of $33,337 according to Bitstamp making it lose as much as 5% in 24 hours. Bitcoin’s profits amassed during the week have gone down drastically.

Another very famous person, Robert Kiyosaki, known for the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” believes that this period of BTC’s crash will be the biggest in its history. For this reason, he’s rather investing in precious metals for now and has chosen to steer clear from Bitcoin until the price crashes to $24,000.


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