Overview: 4% daily for 150 days

Alexa Traffic Rank: 1,935,295

Monitored: 174 days

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Invested: $5,000.00 | Payout: $4,159.49 | ROI: 138.65%
Payout2/11/2022$942.47Paid Manually
Payout2/8/2022$1,068.85Paid Manually
Payout2/4/2022$818.17Paid Manually
Payout1/30/2022$200.00Paid Manually
Payout1/29/2022$200.00Paid Manually
Payout1/28/2022$200.00Paid Manually
Payout1/26/2022$460.00Paid Manually
Payout1/25/2022$270.00Paid Manually
Total Paid$4,159.49


Investment Plans: 3% daily for 100 days and 4% daily for 150 days

Minimum Deposit: $25

Referral: 5% – 2% – 1%

Payment Systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Tether TRC 20, Stellar, Binance, Ripple, Tron

This is what it says on website:

Mine dogecoin passively without having to buy any hardware or software. Start earning up to 3.5% every day, easily and immediately with our dogecoin cloud mining contracts!

Petermining is a licensed Florida-based dogecoin mining company that provides partners with cloud mining and trading services. We are committed to providing an innovative investment service that is controlled by our experienced professionals, generating profits exclusively from cryptocurrency mining. Our team filled with technical developers, miners, traders, and analytics with more than 3 years of experience who know mining and blockchain technology inside-out, made the platform not only to generate stable returns in modern realities but also convenient for use from beginners, minor crypto investors to professional capital managers. We stand for money without limits. That’s why we support cloud mining by providing a wide range of investment solutions covering all aspects of stable, passive earnings on cloud mining processes in just a few clicks! Review

Date Added
Investment Plan4% daily for 150 days
Alexa Traffic Rank1,935,295
StatusNot Paying

Is paying, legit or scam?

The current status of is Not Paying. Please let us know in the comment section about your experience.


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29 thoughts on “”

  1. Rachel says:

    You should try Top Options Trade (, I and my husband have been investing with them for the past 7 weeks and have received payment three times.

  2. Nauj Racdenas says:

    deposited 1k and literally boot me out the page within 1 hour cant even log in. this site is a scam and they stole my 1k

    1. Braxas avatar Braxas says:

      how did you get on, its been down since 3/28 ?
      just today not on google search

  3. Braxas avatar Braxas says:

    When did you get to logon?
    Been trying since 3am 3/30/2022
    Site is down according to web checking sites

    By the way, in chicago, I saw amsterdam had good connection

  4. Braxas avatar Ronald says:

    Testing withdrawal today, come to find out there is a 4% fee
    so $5000 would cost you $200 on the 3% plan
    Is it the same for 4% plan ? That`s a min of $5000 to deposit

    They do not disclose this anywhere until your invested and try to make a withdrawal. Granted 3% is a great return but the 4% shocked me, anyone run into this on other cloud mining sites?
    I`m new at it so I was just wondering if thats the cost of doing business.

    Also to add they dont pay out for Sat/Sun when crypto trades 24/7. As I said, I`m a Noob at cloud mining, any replies would be appreciated. The fee is no big deal factoring in the return, but it is not disclosed other than a comment in FAQ “is there any hidden fees withdrawal/deposit ?”……Answer NO

    Thanks Guys

    1. huberttomasz avatar Hubert Tomaszewski says:

      Its a scam. I think you just lost your money.

  5. Andreas says:

    request withdraw 25/2/2022. Today is 18/3 and they have not paid anything. They did not respond to about 6 emails

  6. tsialorandria avatar Falitsialonina RANDRIAMAMONJY says:

    Can someone assure me if Petermining is actually paying?

    1. Simon Rhodes says:

      They have never paid me a penny I would stay clear.

    2. Belinda says: helps as fast as the speed of light

    3. D'OnPoint says:

      Everyone is saying that they’ve not got paid… so I’d say no it’s not legit and they don’t pay. Lot’s of scams out there, be sure to do a thorough check on any site/platform offering such easy money.

  7. Simon Rhodes says:

    request withdraw 5/3/ Today is 11/3 and they have not paid yet and no reply from customer service.

  8. I’ll keep on talking about Crypto REcuperation for the good job he has been doing so far, I really do appreciate it. You can contact them via the email on my username

  9. Kay2606 avatar Kay2606 says:

    It works again.
    Also the withdrawal arrived instantly

  10. Andreas says:

    request withdraw 25/3/ Today is 1/3 and they have not paid yet

    1. Dan says:

      They haven’t paid anything since the beginning of March for me, stay away from the scammers

  11. Review says:

    Petermining is paying, although they take time to do so. But it’s alright

  12. Solojoy says:

    Am trying to register but is rejecting my Gmail account.

    1. SWIFT avatar SWIFT says:

      Just got paid from this great source again

  13. Chris says:

    Yes they have pay me 3 times until now. And before 2 days they inform me the withdraw now is instant and i get my money in a few seconds

    1. Andreas says:

      how long did it take to get your money?

  14. now I am very happy because they have already contacted me to inform me that the $700.00usd was added to my account and I can say that everything is fine and they are paying what they promise, only because it was the weekend they took time to attend to me

  15. Yes. I made a mistake, which was to send the 700usd to the wallet that the system generated for the first deposit, which I don’t think should be too much of a problem to correct the matter because in the blockchain there is the reception of my two deposits to the wallet and then it was The 2 deposits were transferred to the main petermining wallet. I did not do the procedure as in the first deposit, the system did not generate a new wallet for the deposit. But money if it is, they have it and I pass through my wallet with which they can know where it came from or whose user it is. I hope they communicate and help me to solve the incident

  16. Anurag avatar Anurag says:

    It may be, due to Sunday they aren’t working officially.
    However their customers support should reply your query.
    Hope you have contacted their support.

  17. i am waiting almost 18hrs for admin response because i did 2 deposits but the seccond one does not show its amount at the account balance. the site says 24/7 support, is weekend, i will change or update this post if i got news from them. 🙁

    1. i just recived my daily 3% profit today at petermining. but only from the first deposit (46usd). not from the second one (700usd) it looks ok just nobody has contact me and answer me to give a solution about the second deposit that was sent to the same wallet and is everything ok at the blockchain but not at my dashpanel because it is not displayed

      1. SWIFT avatar SWIFT says:

        Just got paid from this great source again

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