NYDIG about to provide Bitcoin trading to 650 financial institutions in the United Sates

NYDIG about to provide Bitcoin trading to 650 financial institutions in the United Sates

NYDIG is about to carry out their proposed plan of enabling Americans trade in bitcoin through their accounts in banks in 2021.

New York Digital Investment Group- NYDIG collaborated with NCR, a payment company in Atlanta, to ensure credit unions and banks have access to BTC trading.

Forbes reported that this collaboration will ensure more than 24M customers of US banks and credit unions have access to BTC trading.

Reports show that NCR is also planning on providing Bitcoin payment services to their clients of about 200 thousand.

NYDIG also hopes to take away obstacles preventing financial companies from dealing in crypto by providing BTC custody.

This collaboration is coming shortly after the investment firm’s previous collaboration with Q2, Fiserv and Alkami. All these previous collaborations were also geared towards offering BTC services to about 18M customers.

A report by Cointelegraph stated that Patrick Sells, head of bank solutions for the investment company said banks in US are willing to provide BTC services this year. He believed lenders, after seeing the large iinvestments being made into crypto, are now willing to consider accommodating BTC after being against it.

NCR’s head of digital banking Brown Douglas, stated that their customers were massively transferring their savings into crypto. He believes the company’s involvement with crypto will enable them benefit from the booming industry.

In the beginning of the year, NCR bought Terafina firm to ease the process of assimilation of customers.

NCR also  hopes to provide BTC custody and blockchain services not related to cryptocurrency for their customers.


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