MicroStrategy CEO Supports Bitcoin In Like Manner As Apple.

MicroStrategy CEO Supports Bitcoin In Like Manner As Apple.

The MicroStrategy CEO; Michael Saylor, has declared his support for Bitcoin and tagged it one which everyone should have. He likened his current support for Bitcoin with that of Apple during the latter’s early days.

The Bitcoin enthusiast posted on his twitter page about an old video that surfaced again. Saylor in the video talked about his ardent faith in Apple during the period the company came up with iPhone 5 and also talked about his long stay plan on the Investor’s list.

In his remarks on the old video, the billionaire likened his Apple support to that of Bitcoin.The Microstrategy owner, a firm that develops software to analyze internal and external data in order to make business decisions and to develop mobile apps said he likened the initial growth of Apple to that of Bitcoin. In his twitter post where he continued his similarity analysis, the CEO argued that just as Apple was important to people for mobile networking so also was Bitcoin in relation to finance.

Both the billionaire and his firm are very hopeful that Bitcoin’s bull market will soon come. The company made it public in the begining of the week that $1 billion worth of stock will be sold by the firm, for the sole purpose of buying more Bitcoin. The firm had in recent time also sold $500 million in secured notes to finance their Bitcoin purchase.

MicroStrategy has more than 90,0000 Bitcoin in its custody which is equivalent to $3 billion and is not considering going back on its Bitcoin purchase for now. According to Saylor’s past comment, the billionaire said he had 111,000 in his control with no plan of selling off. At this year’s Parallel Summit which was held this week, the billionaire CEO stated that Bitcoin was an asset worthy of investment and all hands should be on deck to ensure that more value is added to the crypto.


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