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MetaMask Notifies Users On New Fraudulent Scheme

MetaMask Notifies Users On New Fraudulent Scheme

A cunning request for users’ seed phrase has been made by the recent MetaMask phishing scam, with the  claim of legitimacy. This led to the crypto wallet provider MetaMask interceptive notification to avoid exploitation of users.

The operational strategy of this phishing bot was disclosed to users by MetaMask following the public communication of May 3. The bot aims to cleverly channel users to an assumed “instant support” portal where users fill out a support form on Google sheets.

A private recovery phrase is also requested to enable the regeneration of users’ crypto wallets. MetaMask encourage users to get support from “Get Help” option which is the only support portal it avails users. Also, users are urged to complain about any contrary operations in the wallets and its services.

Some users have already fallen preys  irrespective of the warnings from MetaMask. This was evident in the question posed by a user thus, “so there is no way to get back our tokens?”

Owing to the commonality of MetaMask, it stands a high risk to be swindled amidst others. Swindlers manipulate users through these phishing  attacks into disclosing private data.

Similar attack was witnessed in December 2020, where a spiteful website played tricks on a user’s wallet. This website had a “seed phrase” on the false  wallet which gave the swindlers control access to the user’s wallet.

Every user is prone to this attack; not just starters alone. This is confirmed in the case of Hugh Karp, Nexus Mutual founder, who  fell victim and had about 370,000 Nexus Mutual Tokens usurped by a hacker, equivalent to $8 million at the dead end of 2020.

Also, Ledger users have been exposed to this attack creating two main accessible ports to the company servers. This led to the disclosure of its private information.


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