Maxproinvest Review: is A Terrible Scam!

Maxproinvest Review: is A Terrible Scam!

You can almost tell that a company is a scam by its name. This company’s name is part of its marketing strategy. The founders want you to believe that you can earn maximum returns from professional traders. They tell you to let top traders do the job for you. Apparently, this is the best strategy for you to make money from the cryptocurrency market.

Maxproinvest Review: is A Terrible Scam!

Interestingly, the company claims to take zero commission. If this deal sounds too good to be true, it’s because it is. No company can make you money without taking a commission. You must ask yourself what is in it for them. While it may be tempting to invest in a company like this, we urge you to be cautious. The people behind this company do not care about your investment. They are only looking to rob people and disappear.

Unfortunately, such companies will always exist. Even when one shuts down, two others spring in their place. Nonetheless, there are companies committed to professionalism and customer satisfaction. Only legitimate cryptocurrency investment companies can help you get reasonable returns from the market. Read our YieldNodes review for a perfect example of such a company.

Maxproinvest Review

Looking at for some information is pointless. The company barely says what it offers clients. All we know is that they provide investment opportunities. We do not even have information on the kinds of returns clients should expect.

Additionally, there is no information on the trading platform customer should expect. This firm claims to offer asset management services but we do not see any evidence of that. There is no mention of the levels of investment. Evidently, there is no transparency here.

Furthermore, you can tell that these people are not professionals. They want you to believe otherwise, but that is a lie. There is a lot of evidence that tells us that these are armatures who have no idea what they are doing. For example, there are a lot of links on the website the do not work. There are just there for aesthetics.

These are not the people you want handling your money. Their sole purpose is to get you to send them your money. Moreover, they never introduce us to their professional asset managers. Without disclosing such critical information, there is no point in investing.

Maxproinvest Deposit and Withdrawal

There is no page dedicated to informing clients on the payment options this company supports. However, we can tell it only accepts Bitcoin payments. They are busy directing clients on where to buy Bitcoin. This is a huge red flag for investors.

For starters, cryptocurrency payments are permanent. Therefore, it is impossible for you to recover your funds. Additionally, cryptocurrency payments are between abstract addresses. It is very hard to trace your funds. You will have no idea who you are sending your funds to.

Even worse, there is no information on the minimum deposit. When you get in touch with this company, they will tell you to invest anything you have. There is no limit to what these people will take.

Maxproinvest Regulation Status

The regulation status of Maxproinvest is a gamble. There is no document on the website to support the company has regulations. Yet, this does not stop the founders from claiming to be a regulated entity. They boast of being a globally licensed and regulated company.

We decided to give them a fair review. So we checked on various regulatory registers to confirm this. The company provides two different addresses. One is in Chile and the other one in Hong Kong. So we started with the regulators in these two locations.

Unsurprisingly, we found no results matching our queries. Neither the CMF of Chile nor the SFC of Hong Kong recognizes this company as a legal entity. We can only conclude that Maxproinvest is unregulated and illegal.

Maxproinvest Review: is A Terrible Scam!

Maxproinvest Review: is A Terrible Scam!

People running unregulated companies are criminals without morals. Do not gamble with your money. Nine out of ten times, you will lose your funds to unregulated operations. The chances of you getting your money back are very low.

Furthermore, people will eventually catch up with this scam. The founders will then close shop and disappear. You do not want to be a customer when that happens. You will have no one to turn to.

The People Behind Maxproinvest

It is always important to know the people behind a company. Revealing the founders is in the best interest of the company. Only unprofessional companies see the need to hide the individuals behind the operations.

Unsurprisingly, that is what we have here. We already know that this is an illegal operation. The founders do not want anyone to associate their faces with this fraudulent operation. This lack of transparency is common in illegal operations. Even bank robbers wear a mask to hide their faces. It is no coincidence that these people are anonymous.

There are too many risks involved in sending your money to mysterious people on the internet. Anyone who conceals their identity from you doesn’t deserve your investment. There are better companies that operate with full professionalism and transparency.

Customer Support

It is terrible when founders of a company hide their identities. It is even worse when they do not allow you to contact them. They want you to send them your money but not ask any queries. The company simply does not have a customer support system.

The only way to reach this company is through email at We doubt that this company will answer anyone asking for their money back. The founders provide a number to call them but this is just for aesthetics. When you try to call it, you will realize that it is out of service.

Additionally, the live chat option is not functional. We contacted the team but there was no response. You will only hear from these individuals when they are asking you to invest more money.

Domain Insight

According to, the platform launched in 2015. Well, this is a lie. records tell us that the website dates back to November 2020. The company does not have as much experience in the market as the founders want you to believe.

Maxproinvest Review: is A Terrible Scam!

Sadly, this is not the only lie the company tells. Maxproinvest claims to have over 35 million investors. This is absurd. not even Binance, the largest crypto exchange, has that many users. Still, Binance ranks 127th on Alexa rankings. Yet, this company ranks 6,297,352. Evidently, this company is lying to get you to invest.


This company is full of lies. There are no professionals running this operation. The operation has no regulations which makes it illegal. These are criminals and that is why they are hiding their identities.

Furthermore, we can’t even tell what service this company is providing. There is very little information to go by on the website. You will never see such poor transparency levels in professional companies.

For your own good, only invest in companies that have passed the legitimacy test. Only legitimate cryptocurrency investment companies can help you make a profit. Furthermore, such companies will never compromise on your funds’ safety.


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