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I have just had an incident with this company And I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that it is a scam with a capital SCAM! A woman by the name of Anne Taylor friended me on TickTock and began chatting with me just random conversation. Eventually it led into do I know about crypto and I said no. So she told me that that’s what she does for a living and at that point proceeded to try and persuade me to invest with her company. Which is the one I just stated. She claimed to be from Los Angeles. However once we got on WhatsApp her phone number is registered to Kansas. That was my first red flag. Then I went to her TickTock page to look at her videos. It was a page full of very cheap looking testimonials by people who never mentioned her name or the name of the company in their testimonial. They just kept saying… “this is legit!” You’ll make money… Please invest… This saved me. Etc. but they never once mentioned the name of the company tha
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1 week ago
This is a continuation from my original post. As I said she has now removed all videos and content from her TickTock page because I told her I was going to report her and her company. She also has a WhatsApp account under the phone number 316-530-5691. That number does show on TickTock as a business account under the same name as the company. I asked her numerous times to give me a reference, a referral, her license number, broker number, any information about the company that I could research in order to find out its legitimacy before I continued and she told me that I make her sick and that I am the problem that she’s giving me all the information that I need to know and I just need to trust her. If you run into this person or anyone from this company please run in the other direction. I have screenshots of all of my conversations with her but I do not know if it is allowed to be posted here. Someone please let me know if it is I am more than willing to share. I hope that this inf
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1 week ago