Korean Banks Intend Labelling Crypto Trade Customers As Dangerous.

Korean Banks Intend Labelling Crypto Trade Customers As Dangerous.

Stringent rules are now put in place for banks and businesses as regards crypto transactions in South Korea. The new laws made public by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) will have impact on 60 illegal cryptocurrency platforms in the country. The latest guide on crypto operations specifies that banks regard crypto transactions customers as high risk.

Korea Times reported that the rules which were made public on Sunday was to enable a more secure crypto trading. In the meantime, out of all crypto firms in the country, only four has been certified by banks. The FSC said that the regulations were just to maintain a level of certainty as it regards the security of assets owned by the clientele community.

Crypto based exchange companies are expected to apply for transaction permit from the FSC before its closing date on 24th September. The applications will be evaluated in detail as crypto operations of the firms will be properly looked into by the personnels of financial intelligence within ninety days. The primary objective of the board is to ensure that the use of hired or forged account on crypto trade fora are extincted.

Banks are expected to comply with the current measures by officially reporting crypto customers who do not meet the requirements or who are involved in skeptical crypto trade.The Korea Federation of Banks and other finance related enterprises have begged the FSC committee to reduce their legal responsibilities for crypto fraudulence which they fear will increase with more regulatory measure put in place. Some organizations fear that their favourable reception of crypto trades could be the basis of trust by stakeholders.

According to an industry executive, since banks are mandated to issue real name accounts, they should also enjoy protection for performing such risky operation.Banks are not the only affected sector voicing out their fears as regards the measures put in place. Exchange firms in South Korea also has in a formal gathering with financial supervisors stressed that the service charges by banks makes collaboration very costly for growing businesses.


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