Overview: 3% - 5% - 7% and Up to 20% Monthly

Alexa Traffic Rank: 323,533

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Invested: $2000.00 | Payout: $88.35 | ROI:4%

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Payout2021-09-17 20:02:43$33.00Paid by schedule
Payout2021-09-10 17:48:15$22.00Paid by schedule
Payout2021-09-02 11:24:24$33.35Paid by schedule
Spend2021-08-22 19:59:21$2,000.00Our Investment

About kok-play.io

Investment Plans: 3% – 5% – 7% and Up to 20% Monthly interest until an income of 200% of the collateral amount is reached ( Principal Back at any time – Less than 1 month 5% ; Less than 2 months 3% ; More than 2 months 1% fees)

Minimal Spend: $100

Referral: 100% of your referral’s income, but subject to a minimum of $ 300 of your own investment.

KOK PLAY is a comprehensive digital content platform

The future of a content platform where everyone can get equal opportunities, share content, receive fair returns, guarantee freedom of creation, and make everything possible!

Kok has applications in digital content, in online stores in games, it is a transparent and operational business model.
There are already more than 20 countries of the world on the platform, and huge goals for the future!
The company already has offices in countries such as the USA, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, China, Thailand.

KOK Play wants to be like Apple, Amazon and Google. And if you have desires to be at the beginning of building a company, then you need to get to know the KOK PLAY company and make the right decision!

Income from the line marketing team ( calculated from the partner’s PROFIT), provided that you have your own deposit account of $300 or more:
1st line = 100%
2nd line = 20%
3rd-5th line = 10%
6-10th line = 5%
More than 10 lines from 1%

– if you have a partner in the first line with a deposit of $ 10,000, you get 100% of his own income every day in the total amount of $ 700 per month ($ 700 is divided by 30 days);
– if you have a partner in the second line with a deposit of $ 10,000, you get 20% of his own income every day in the total amount of $ 140 per month ($ 140 divided by 30 days)
– and so on

The amount of your own deposit and monthly interest:
 from $ 100 to$ 1499 = 3%
 from $ 1500 to$ 9999 = 5%
 more than $ 10,000 = 7%

KOK / USDT trading:




KOK White Papper – https: //dgf88q46bjg2n.cloudfront. net / attach / whitepaper / KOK_whitepaper.pdf

Link to download the wallet https://apps.kok-play.xyz/

To register, enter:

Your phone number

👉Authentication, 👉enter the code

that came to the specified number 👉Complete, 👉click below 👇 ⏬NEXT ⏬


1. Name (first and last name) in (Latin)

2. Male (Husband) Famale (Wives)

3. Date of birth (first year (86) next month (03) and then day (11) Example:


4. Password at least 6 characters

5. Confirm password

6. Financial password 8 characters (you can repeat what was written above)

7. Confirm financial password

8. Referral code : znstmsma

Once again we repeat the Referral code: znstmsma

9. We put a full stop 🟣, agree to the terms!

👉Click the line at the very bottom⏬NEXT ⏬

Till now registration done, you may deposit money to your KoK-Play wallet and start Mining. 🙂

kok-play.io Review

Date Added
Investment Plan3% - 5% - 7% and Up to 20% Monthly
Alexa Traffic Rank323,533

Is kok-play.io paying, legit or scam?

The current status of kok-play.io is Paying. Please let us know in the comment section about your experience.


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