Janice McAfee Refuses The Suicide Bullshit Surrounding John's Demise

Janice McAfee Refuses The Suicide Bullshit Surrounding John’s Demise

John McAfee’s widow, Janice, has queried the suicide stories surrounding her husband’s demise stating that she found it unbelievable. She said that the story remained unacceptable to her until proven otherwise by authorities. In her July 7 tweets, Janice stated she had still not overcome the trauma of the whole event. She stated that she found it incredible that her septuagenarian husband will take his own life because of a proposed deportation to the United States in other to face legal actions on account of tax evasion.

The crypto advocate was confirmed dead in his prison cell few hours after a court in Spain gave its verdict that John would be deported to the U.S on 23rd June. A post-mortem is officially being carried out by the Spanish government. However, El Pais, a daily national newspaper quoted an anonymous source who claimed that initial tests carried out on the dead body points to the fact that John’s death was by suicide.

Janice however cast aspersions on the press release stating that she was never told of the purported suicide letter discovered in his pocket when she went to collect his personal items from the prison. According to the widow, the verdict of the Spanish court was expected by John and would not cause him to take his life. The widow stated that since he expected the ruling of the court, he already had plans of making an appeal.

Edward Snowden and Charles Hoskinson have both stated that Janice’s reaction to the news of her husband’s demise is excusable given the known fact that denial is a basic phase in grief. Nonetheless, conspiracy theorists have related the current happening to Jeffery Epstein’s own suicide story. In line with this, the theorists are of the opinion that John did not take his own life.

John McAfee had in December 2019 said that he knew certain things about the U.S government that could predispose him to assassination. In December 2019, he said that if it was ever reported that he died by suicide, then, he has actually been killed.

John’s widow described the enormous pain her husband’s demise has caused her in her tweets but at the same time promised to update the public on new developments regarding the ongoing investigations.


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