Jack Dorsey Favours Bitcoin Over Other Cryptocurrencies

Jack Dorsey Favours Bitcoin Over Other Cryptocurrencies

The chief executive officer of Twitter, Jack Dorsey has kicked against investing in Ether even though the platform is a hub for different operations relating to the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Ethereum. Twitter on Wednesday made public its plans to host freebies via Rarible. Rarible is a platform involved in securing art and creating digital collectibles using the Ethereum digital ledger technology.

Notwithstanding the massive support the Ethereum blockchain garners from Twitter evidenced by the recent release of 140 NFTs of Ethereum origin, the CEO has been clear on his stance in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Bitcoin remains top on the list for him.

As expected, the Twitter CEO was not spared in the cryptocurrency circle after he declared his unalloyed support for Bitcoin which also rates as the crypto he is known to have invested in. The Cinneanhaim Ventures founder was amongst those chagrined by Dorsey’s Bitcoin advocacy. According to Cinneanhaim founder,, the CEO’s take on Bitcoin and the activities engaged by Twitter as regards the NFTs on Ethereum were not reconcilable.

Dorsey also doubles as the cocreator and chief executive officer of the digital remittance company, Square. The aforementioned remittance firm is not averse to crypto. In his 2019 post on Twitter, Dorsey succinctly let the world know about his unwavering devotion to Bitcoin. During the Bitcoin convention held this year, Dorsey talked positively about the huge impact of Bitcoin on people globally.

Dorsey was amongst the earliest die hard disciples of Bitcoin and had declared many times that the coin would rise to become the currency of the internet world. He had in 2019 dismissed the proposition to invest in other cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin. He had then said that Bitcoin was the only crypto worth his investment.

Dorsey’s comments on Bitcoin came after notable Bitcoiners predicted that Ether would one day outperform Bitcoin and lead in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. They also predicted that it will be the biggest name in the cryptocurrency sphere some day.


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