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Its time to act and use it for btc and crypto

April 28, 2021

Problem is.
The Central banks will print and devalue currency like dollar or they make high taxes and taking out most of the money in circlelation.
2 ways to Go
High inflation *
High deflation *

So if this Old Fiat system is done… We Don’t need this Let’s abond all we need is just cash  from the Old system.
But the banks and Other things we Can abond.
We Can start stable coins using we Don’t need to Wait When they either kill money or kill economy.

We have usdt and Bitcoins to Back Up.
We should urge Our local community business and Everything to use stable coins with cash.
The Old banks we simply Don’t need. We have crypto wallets.

And soon we need Only  paper usdt so we have stable coins cash bills also.
Becouse cash is personal freedom.

Debt Not a problem we Will abond all the Old system so Everything Will reset and prices to zeero
And we Buy all with crypto.

Or we Wait like a fools how Everything collapse And then we act?

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