InvestBoost Review: Is A Fraudulent Offshore Forex broker

InvestBoost Review: Is A Fraudulent Offshore Forex broker

InvestBoost is a company that claims it can help you make your tomorrow stable. As the name suggests, this company wants you to believe that they are the key to your financial freedom. Such names are common among scam companies. They are just part of the scheme. While this platform seems innocent, it is much sinister than you may suspect.

InvestBoost Review: Is A Fraudulent Offshore Forex broker

While this company may be new in the market, the founders are very familiar. Scammers exit the name once the public catches up with fraudulent operations. Sadly, they never stay away from the market. They just rebrand and come back under a different name. This is exactly what we have here. Even worse, we now know that these scammers are running several fraudulent operations in the market.

This review will tell you why we believe that InvestBoost is a scam operation. In the end, we will ask you to avoid this company like the plague. It is for your own good. Let’s jump in.

InvestBoost Review

InvestBoost promises clients a convenient, reliable, and trusted trading environment. This is very appealing to customers. Sadly, the company does very little to deliver these promises. For starters, there is no trading software. The company provides a link to download the platform, but it doesn’t work.

We can all agree that this is both inconvenient and unreliable. Trust is also out of the window on this website. InvestBoost promises clients a personal account manager to help them with their activities. While this may be helpful, there is no insight as to who these people are. We do not know their trading history or their success rate.

The only interest these people have is to get people to deposit their funds. All the promises on the website are nothing but a sham. Many customers are complaining that these individuals keep trying to get them to invest more money.

Evidently, these scammers do not care about your satisfaction as a customer. Do not go to this platform expecting professional services. Furthermore, the company does not even have reliable customer support. The number they provide is obviously fake. The only other way to get in touch with the company is through email. Rest assured that they will not reply to any mail asking for a refund or a withdrawal.

InvestBoost Trading Accounts

There are six trading accounts on InvestBoost. All these accounts give you access to all trading instruments. There is also a bonus available to all clients. Interestingly, the bonus goes down as you go up the accounts. Further, the larger accounts come with a personal account manager.

InvestBoost Review: Is A Fraudulent Offshore Forex broker

While this may be appealing, it is not worthy of an investment. For starters, the trading conditions here are awful. On the homepage, the company promises leverage of between 1:25 to 1:50. However, the only leverage available to traders is 1:100. You cannot change this leverage to go any lower.

Additionally, the company promised ultra-low spreads. However, the spreads go all the way up to 3 pips. That is three times what you will find on other platforms. This company increases the charges, and the risk clients face in the market.

InvestBoost Deposit and Withdrawal

InvestBoost supports a plethora of payment options. These include credit and debit cards, bank wires, eWallet payments, and Bitcoin deposits. Most of these payment options are safe. You can easily make a chargeback if anything goes wrong.

However, we know that this company encourages investors to use Bitcoin as a payment option. While Bitcoin is revolutionary, it poses a huge risk to investors. First, transactions are between abstract addresses. This means that it is hard to trace your funds once you send them out.

Additionally, it is hard to recover your funds. This is because Bitcoin transactions are permanent. This is why scammers like using cryptocurrency payments. They know how easy it is to reap people off.

InvestBoost Regulation

We have a lot to discuss on the regulation status of InvestBoost. So stick with us as we unravel this sham. Up until recently, this company’s address included the name of the parent company. The parent company, in this case, is Widdershins Group LTD. This company may be familiar to you as we already covered one of their other scams, SpaceMarket.

InvestBoost Review: Is A Fraudulent Offshore Forex broker

This company is already on CONSOB’s warning list. Therefore, we should not trust any company they operate. That is not all, though. Again, up until recently, the company included the name Malarkey Consulting LTD on its footnote. Well, this company is also very shady. One of their companies is on the FCA’s blacklist. The FCA considers PrimoTrade an illegal operation in the UK. The founders are offering financial services without a license.

Seeing all this, we hope you will reconsider investing here. Nothing good can come out of it. Furthermore, this company operates from one of the shadiest jurisdictions in the world. Its address is in the Commonwealth of Dominica. This jurisdiction does not have a forex regulator to keep companies in check.

Interestingly, the address InvestBoost provides is the same as that of PrimoTrade. As mentioned, PrimeTrade is already on the FCA’s warning list. This is not a coincidence. Run while you still can.

The People Behind InvestBoost

We were not expecting to find any names nor faces on the website. It is very common for fraudulent companies to conceal the identities of the founders. This is what we have here. These people know they are running an illegal operation. As such, they do not want anyone to link them to the company.

This should not surprise anyone. Even bank robbers wear masks. In any case, we always warn people against investing in anonymous individuals. It is very easy to lose your money if you do not know who you are investing in.

Customer Reviews

It is very important to check what people are saying about a company. It will give you an idea of what to expect from the company. Unfortunately, there are not enough customer reviews to rely on here. Nonetheless, the ones available to us are enough to conclude that this is a scam.

InvestBoost Review: Is A Fraudulent Offshore Forex broker

All of the reviews about this company on Trustpilot are negative. All the customers are complaining that they have lost their money. Additionally, they are complaining that the scammers keep calling them to invest more. It seems that these people are trying to siphon as much money from people as possible.

Listen to the people who have already lost their money. Nothing good can come from These people are criminals with several scams in the market. They have no interest in servicing anyone’s investment needs.


We hope that this review gives you some insight into InvestBoost. Clearly, this is a scam operation with no morals. The founders are anonymous for a reason. They are running several fraudulent operations, and they would rather hide from the public. Eventually, they will exit the market and come back under a different name.

For your own good, avoid this company like the plague. It has nothing good to offer you. There are many people already issuing complaints. Do not become one of them.

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