Overview: Commission Type:CPA, RevShare,Lot Rebate

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Added: September 8, 2020 (updated July 18, 2021)

Status: Paying

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About hyaffiliates.com

hyaffiliates.com is an affiliate network marketing. Affiliate marketing is a viable income option but it requires dedication and commitment over a long period of time.

Minimum Payout: $100

Referral Commission: Up to 5%

Commission Type: CPA, RevShare, Lot Rebate

Payment Frequency: Monthly

Payment Method: Skrill, WebMoney, Trading Account, Wire Transfer

Tracking Software: Etrass

This is what it says on hyaffiliates.com website:

Unlike forex only programs, HY Affiliates provides access to all major financial markets. These exciting markets include forex, metals such as gold and silver, equities/stocks, oil and gas, and commodities, making HY Affiliates Program the most diverse financial markets affiliate program on the market.Today online financial markets such as forex, and equity/stocks, and commodities are one of the most highly transacted products on the Internet with millions of investors and participants. They include banks, brokers, traders and private individuals from all over the world. Get into the action NOW and receive consistent cash earnings.

Is hyaffiliates.com paying, legit or scam?

The current status of hyaffiliates.com is Paying. Please let us know in the comment section about your experience.

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I was recommended to work in HY Affiliates by my friend. He has been dealing with traffic and arbitrage for a long time and is very well versed in affiliate marketing. So he told me that I will not find better conditions than in HY Affiliates. He says the product here is very cool, too. This is a broker with good regulation. And the rewards are excellent. They're up to $1,000 per referred client.
And even a novice partner can attract more than one active client per month. So I'm in the process of studying this affiliate program. I think I'll start soon.
6 months ago
I haven't been in affiliate marketing that long. So you may find my review strange or unprofessional. But I'm evaluating what is essential to beginner affiliates.
I know that many people, like me, have long doubts about whether it is worth it to start promoting a broker with HY Affiliates. Is it even possible to make money on it? From personal experience, I say it is possible if there are a goal and the right understanding of what is happening.
What do I mean? Remember that the transaction life-cycle can be long. Therefore, do not be afraid of in the first month, you do not get paid. It happened to me in HY Affiliates. And then, in the middle of the third month, I received the withdrawal for a large sum. Because several of my leads at once refilled the deposit. The payment amount paid off both of the previous months.
5 months ago
I like that there are a lot of creatives here in different languages. This is very important for quality promotion. Because audiences will respond faster to the creative, that's closest to them. Language plays a fundamental role in this. So the HY Affiliates did a great job with both designers and marketers. With their creatives, it's not so hard to promote a broker.
5 months ago
What can I say about this affiliate program? If you don't want to work, you won't make any money here as everywhere else. But if you're aiming for long-term results, you'll do well here.
I want to note that I've read a lot of hy affiliates reviews, and I can say that most of them are positive. And it is not surprising because this program offers some of the highest commissions in the industry. This affiliate program really allows you to earn a lot. And it is absolutely achievable and tangible results.
After all, firstly, here affiliates promote a broker with an excellent reputation and good service. And secondly, the hy affiliates specialists have created a lot of great creatives. There are also many marketing tools to promote the broker effectively.
Among them, I would call the excellent banners that draw attention to the main thing and the presence of e-mail marketing and text links. But most of all, I like the comprehensive statistics in the
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4 months ago
I can tell you that HY Affiliates provides high payouts. They are made regularly. So partners are rewarded once a month. It allows them to systematize the work, and it disciplines the partners.
And, importantly, it is possible to withdraw the earned money to the broker's trading account. This allows you to immediately multiply the funds received.
So the conditions in HY Affiliates are very democratic and profitable. I think this is one of the best affiliate programs in the industry.
3 months ago
I'm ashamed to admit it, but I just learned about the benefits of my broker's affiliate program last week. I trade with HYCM. This is a good and honest broker who helps me make money. So, he has the HY affiliates program. The point of the program is to invite new traders to work with this broker. For this you receive a reward - MONEY !!))) You can receive one-time payments for each friend .. you can also receive constantly money for the fact that your friend is trading. The more commission he pays to the broker, the greater the bonus will be. I think it's great.
And that is not all...._)))
You can also attract new clients to participate in the affiliate program and receive up to 5% of their earnings.
3 months ago
The HY affiliate program is a great chance to make an additional income for me as a trader. Since I talk to many other traders in specialized social media, I can easily spread my referral link. Banners are good for placing ads on my blog.
1 month ago
The HY affiliate program gave me a thought to apply my skills in the FX market analysis. Although I do not trade myself, I can write interesting posts about the market sentiment, possible retracements and corrections, as well as lucrative opportunities for long-term trading. So I just signed up for the partnership with the HYCM reputable broker. After consulting with my manager, and browsing the marketing materials available in the affiliate portal, I have developed a strategy to refer the broker to traders. The CPA commission plan works well for me, although it’s a one-time payment.
@peepso_user_3663(PasqualeGallo) I get paid all the time I request for withdrawal in

They are very legit
1 month ago
The HY affiliates program is a great option to make money for both marketers and forex traders. Besides attractive marketing materials and creatives in different languages available in the affiliate platform, HY offers attractive payouts for all of the commission plans. A dedicated manager and live-chat are here to help with any issue related to marketing strategy. The brand itself is reputable, the HYCM brokerage operates in many countries, which simplifies the sales process.
4 weeks ago
HY affiliate reviews point out many strengths of the offer. What I like the most, is the one-time commission of the CPA structure as it is the highest amount of bonus per one client I have ever seen. Besides, selling such a product as the HYCM broker has does not take too much effort because:
i) The broker is regulated by FCA in the United Kingdom, and that speaks for itself.
ii) The trading conditions offer multiple opportunities to apply different trading styles.
iii) The MetaTrader platform ensures fast and reliable connection with liquidity.
iiii) The brand of Henyep Group is recognizable in many countries.

Additional benefits of the HY affiliate program include a strong support provided by the marketing team. There are so many creatives and banners for various campaigns in any geo. The materials point out the strongest points of the HYCM brokerage, focus on a wide range of audience, and contain messages
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2 weeks ago