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How priced-in is Glassnode data and how we can use it to get ahead of the crowd?

April 30, 2021 (updated April 30, 2021)

Wondering how effective is Glassnode data of BTC inflows/outflows to exchanges?

1) Large group of whales sell BTC OCT

2) Whales then coordinate to send very large amount of BTC to exchange to cause a “bearish signal” on on-chain data

3) People panic and sell BTC, price drops

4) Whales buy up cheap coins and laugh all the way to the bank.

Do you think this scenario is realistic or not?

How much of it is priced in do you reckon?

Can’t the whales simply coordinate in the following fashion to manipulate market?

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Onchain analysis seems to start to make noise. I already looking always on these kinds of analysis, especially the outflows/inflows of Bitcoin amount on such exchanges.

What's on my mind about the inflows/outflows is "they can also manipulate the market by just doing some huge transactions".

For example, a whale moves Bitcoins in 1 transaction to exchange, but we don't know if the whale will sell those Bitcoin, right?
Or vice versa, what if there is a huge 1 transaction coming out from the exchange and send to a personal Bitcoin wallet, does it mean they bought Bitcoin on the exchange?
2 weeks ago