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May 3, 2021 (updated May 3, 2021)

Got in a discussion with a friend that recently started learning Technical Analysis and then he said he trades without using stop Loss. I told him no good trader trades without stop Loss. I tried to explain to him about the volatility and how trades can go against you especially as a new newbie and you can lose heavily. He seems adamant and I decided to leave him maybe he will learn from his own mistake if it happens. It seems there are also many traders that trade without stop Loss and I wonder how they do it conveniently.

Please share your views on how important stop Loss is and how convenient it can be to trade without stop Loss.

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Stoploss is very important if you want to trade wisely. Almost 3 month ago i forget stoploss and when i woke up market dumped almost 40%. Now i did not trade without stoploss. One cam loss big money if did not use stoploss
3 days ago