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How Bitcoin almost made me rich?

May 3, 2021 (updated May 3, 2021)

Based on my little experience in the currency market four years ago, then I was still in the university then trying to make pocket money from little of my trading ideas. You know buying  a particular currency pairs at the bottom while selling at the top with few of my trading strategies like the Bollinger bands, RSI and and the moving averages.

I decided to invest in Bitcoin with the help of my new friends who are into Bitcoin trading and investments. Although at that time I didn’t have substantial knowledge on how bitcoin works so, I decided to invest all my hard earn money to the extent I sold my most precious treasure which is my classical Guitar that I always use for my musical classes. Then my dream was to keep my Bitcoin for at least 1 years for it to appreciate more before selling it so I could be as rich compared to my local government chair lol. My dream!

I was working then so I decided to apply for mini jobs so as to get extra money to buy more bitcoins cause I wasn’t getting enough from my currency trading. I was able to acquire 2.25 Bitcoin worth $18,000. As at 2017 one bitcoin worth about $8,000. Then the only popular crypto wallet in my region was Blockchain, so i was using it to store my Bitcoin. After a while I venture into Bitcoin investments. Never new they’re all Ponzi scheme…I lost half of my Bitcoin to Ponzi scheme cos I was a novice to the cryto world.

I almost go mad when I realized that my dream of become a big boy is almost shattered. I was pain in which I couldn’t think straight losing more than $9,000 worth of bitcoin. I lost focus, I couldn’t continue my musical training cause my classical guitar, my enthusiasm is almost gone. I decided to dump everything about crypto currency giving it a break. I also deleted my Blockchain wallet from my phone.

Last year during the early stage of convid 19, I could remember that I had bitcoin somewhere so, I went in search of it. I reinstalled my Blockchain wallet but I couldn’t logged in cos it’s was asking me of my private keys. I’ve searched every corners, books, dairies but still couldn’t find my private keys.
At least I should have not less than 1.1 bitcoin in my wallet which could worth more than $70,000. Converting this money to my country currency makes me a millionaire.

This is how my dream of becoming a millionaire was shattered by my ignorance…pls is their a narrow escape to my misfutune?

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Sorry about that but you didn't keep the recovery phrases that's been given to you by (.com today) which is the most vital part of making a wallet.
You shouldn't also be triggered quickly in emotion with things that happen with your surroundings and just dump everything that you've planned before. It's not too late for you to start again.
1 week ago