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Citybuildtrade - 3% daily for 100 days

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Is paying, legit or scam?

The current status of is Not Paying. Please let us know in the comment section about your experience.


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20 thoughts on “”

  1. Lucia avatar Lucia says:

    HOTBIT-INVESTMENT is 100% a paying site
    I have invested in so many platform that scammed me all my money,
    But after my first deposit on HOTBIT they paid me..

    1. Achilles says:

      You are not telling the truth.
      I was scammed and you need to stop deciving people.
      Surely you are one of them.

  2. Achilles says:

    It is confirm a SCAM. They first want you to keep reinvesting for some unclear policies when you want to withdraw and they dont tell you about an insurance (unbelievable) which cost $ 300 as minimum.

  3. Rita avatar Rita says:

    I saw a comment from review parking about HOTBIT-INVESTMENT COMPANY so I decided to give it a try with little $500 and I was paid.
    To be open minded to you I’m Investing $5000 this evening
    I have seen the blessed platform to make allot of money..

    How can I post my proof please I’m really happy to witness this..

    1. Achilles says:

      I don’t believe you guys. I am waiting to hear from a friend by tomorrow if he can withdraw. Paying they can on their website but in your bitcoin wallet I am really waiting to see if they are not scammers.

  4. Achilles says:

    What if you are part of it if it is a scam?
    I have a friend who could not withdraw a simple commission they want him to reinvest first.
    So guys wait for my next message before you put your money

    1. they are part of the scam group, almost all sites are scam be careful. just search the site on google and you will see some reports

  5. Dube avatar Dube says:

    Honestly HOTBIT-INVESTMENT COMPANY, worth trusting with everything
    Imagine Investing with $2000 and I received $6000 under the VIP plan
    Thanks so much
    My family and friends are coming to join your platform soon..

  6. Jessy avatar Jessy says:

    OMG to be honest with you guys.
    HOTBIT is the only reliable platform I have seen with a sincere heart,
    Just do as they ordered and you will Never regret it..
    I’m a living proof.

    1. FENOTOKY avatar FENOTOKY says:

      Would you please provide proof. I have lost money many times

      1. Achilles says:

        There is no proof.
        Big mouth big criminal.
        My friend was trapped and lost a lot of money.
        Dont try this PLEASE look for other business.

    2. Nancy says:

      what is that they order one to please? thanks

  7. Jessy avatar Jessy says:

    All my trust is now on HOTBIT-INVESTMENT COMPANY.
    I’m coming up to the VIP plan by 16:00pm.

  8. Jessy avatar Jessy says:

    Wooo, wooo, wooo
    HOTBIT-INVESTMENT COMPANY is real legit as they said..
    First time to see a trust COMPANY in the history
    I promise to be Investing here forever
    I’m going to share the good news..

    I Invest with $500 and I received $1000 .

    Thanks I really appreciate your legitimate….

    1. Charles Kananji says:

      Can you share more info about it please

      1. Achilles says:

        Dont try them.
        Please stay safe.
        Confirmed SCAM. Please alert people on your social platform to stop these criminals.

  9. Angela avatar Angela says:

    Greetings everybody
    I came here with a good testimonies from one legitimate platform called HOTBIT-INVESTMENT COMPANY
    The are 100% legit and reliable
    I just Invested $1500 and I received 100% interest in just 48hours

    1. Nancy says:

      based on your review i shall be investing in this company. Thanks

    2. FENOTOKY avatar FENOTOKY says:

      My friend, is this really reliable

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