Honk Kong Radicals Record Apple Daily's Publications On Blockchain

Honk Kong Radicals Record Apple Daily’s Publications On Blockchain

Hong Kong newspaper agency, Apple Daily, has been forced to close down by authorities on the grounds of security offence. However, some Chinese citizens have taken to online activism to support the vocal pro-democracy newspaper. Blockchain technology has been employed by these online advocates of the fundamental right of expression.

With the security offence allegation against the newspaper firm, Apple Daily made its last publication today being Thursday. However, radicals in Hong Kong made the soft copy of the published articles available online using distributed network.

An unknown 21 year-old activist who is an employee of a technology firm uploaded Apple Daily write ups on ArWeave. ArWeave operates on the principle of a decentralized network system for data storage using a similitude of blockchain technology called blockweave to ensure that stored data cannot be erased. Over 4,000 write ups of the aforementioned media outlet are already on ArWeave as of today being Thursday.

Apple Daily with its reputation of vocal power as it concerns government affairs and methodologies had its accounts frozen by the cops. Authorities also have apprehended management officials of the newspaper house forcing the agency to close down its official website. Citizens of Hong Kong had in the past protested against the use of blockchain by government to monitor or officially edit information the media will be permitted to make public.

The cryptocurrencies and blockchain ecosystems since 2009 have helped the populace everywhere in the world to become less controlled through centralized platforms. The decentralized system used in the above-mentioned ecosystems have made total or absolute control by a selected few an impossibility. Aside that, distributed ledger technology (DLT) has been a source of generating money for many people.


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