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holding is not an easy thing

May 3, 2021 (updated May 3, 2021)

alot of people really want to hold but the daily needs of life make them sell off at little profit and solve their needs which is really good. but later they notice the coin they sold cheap is worth enough to liberate them. this kind of occurences are painful but its really not his fault. this brings me to the question of maybe holding is for the rich who can afford to buy and forget. ? lets discuss this, thank you.

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That's the reality of holding and even me, I also encounter that and though I felt regret I moved on because I know it was a great help for me in able to solved the financial problem during at that time.

That's financial management and not just because you aren't rich and if you can able to spare even 5% fund from your monthly salary to invest in Bitcoin, that's a better way of saving while you also investing.

This is the reason why people think Bitcoin is a good asset because they think that adopting Bitcoin as a reserve asset but holding isn't that just easy especially if you are an average wage earner.
1 week ago