Greenridge Prepares its Next Mining Center in South Carolina

Greenridge Prepares its Next Mining Center in South Carolina

Greenridge is pleased to announce that its electricity generating equipment in South Carolina has the capacity to provide 80MW of power and close to 66% of this amount is carbon-free.

Greenridge Generation, miners of Bitcoin, stated that its South Carolina branch will kick off before the year ends.

Greenridge is planning to begin its zero-carbon emission mining center in Spartanburg city soon. Greenridge Generation will be taking over the same spot where LSC Communication has its printing firm after having sealed a 10-year agreement with it. The planned date for resumption of mining is not yet fixed but it is going to be later this year or the first few months in 2022.

Greenridge mentioned that at the moment, about 53 megawatts of electricity generated at the center is free from carbon emission. With this development, CEO Jeff Kirt is convinced that BTC mining by the company will keep the environment safe.

Greenridge has a station in New York which it hopes to expand so as to generate up to 85 MW next year. Even though Greenridge claims to be on the forefront of producing green energy, it has got critics who have questioned the real source of its energy.

As Greenridge is seeking refuge in South Carolina, some others who have fled from China are trying to find shelter in Texas to start all over again. Blockware made it known yesterday that Kentucky would be the right place for it because of the cheap electricity available there.


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