Grayscale looking into obtaining more Decentralized Finance Assets

Grayscale looking into obtaining more Decentralized Finance Assets

Grayscale, an asset manager is considering purchasing 13 new digital currencies that are mostly within the decentralize Finance.

They disclosed on the 18th of June that they will be adding 13 assets to their wealth of digital currencies.

The potential assets they intend to explore are mostly within decentralized finance such as Universal Market Access, Kava, Curve, 1inch, 0x, Polygo amongst others.

Grayscale has also indicated interest in remarkably fast scalable networks such as Dfinity, Near and Solana.

Having indicated interest in 13 new crypto assets, the sum total of assets being considered by Grayscale at the moment are 31. The firm has made it clear that not all assets being considered will be made into investment products as there have been assets considered in the past that were never made into investment products.

On 17th of March, the institutional asset manager established five new trusts and at the moment, these five trusts make up 0.1%  of the $34.4bilion worth of Assets managed by Grayscale.

CoinShares has reported that $44.3 billion worth of assets are managed by institutional crypto investments, and that Grayscale alone takes up 75% of that amount.

Also, the Bitcoin Trust of the firm makes up 73% of all the Assets managed under Grayscale. This is also more than half of all the assets managed in crypto investments products.

The firm’s Ethereum Trust have also shown a significant increase this year as it makes up 22% of total capital managed. About 5% of assets under the establishment’s management are made up of other trusts they manage.

Grayscale is said to have spent more than $2.3 billion in investments from the beginning of 2021.


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