GoldConnect Adopts Crypto Remittances. 

GoldConnect Adopts Crypto Remittances. 

GoldConnect, a North American based telecommunications firm had on Tuesday made public its decision to adopt crypto remittances. Remittances with cryptocurrencies will happen through BitPay, this is another major break for crypto industry in the Northern America region.Remittances with crypto can uninterruptedly be made through LatamConnect; the latest pricing and engagement platform that is linked to BitPay. Crypto remittances made using BitPay are concluded using the legal tender.

The telecommunications company said that its acceptance of crypto remittances is in tandem with the increasing need for such operation.The CEO of GoldConnect stated that as an innovation oriented firm, they have a duty to accept state of the art technologies and operation methods in other to enhance customer participation and satisfaction.

The BitPay deputy president said that the telecom firm has an understanding of crypto’s latent ability in transforming businesses. The adoption of crypto payments will aid swift and reliable transaction.Latin America is fast becoming a hub for crypto ventures as observed recently. El Salvador recently announced its adoption of the crypto; Bitcoin as a lawful means of exchange setting the pace for other countries in the region. Government officials from different countries have also shown interest in crypto adoption.

Cointelegraph said that Bitso is currently the leading cryptocurrency trade firm in the region. Bitso went up the ladder gradually, they had 1 million customers after a six-year period but took only ten months to double the number, a reflection of the 2020 cum 2021 bullish market trend. Ee I have a few things I would do anything to make significant amount garnered much dividend


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