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The story of GLOBADINO started at the end of 2017. We have built a large mining farm and use the latest equipment and new technologies, which makes mining very profitable in any situation in the cryptocurrency trading market. You can forget about the lousy mining experience and make money on cryptocurrency mining without problems and worries.

We produce only the most profitable cryptocurrencies. Also, we use new technologies to optimize the energy consumption of equipment, provides a wide selection of mining more than 4 cryptocurrencies, SHA-256, SCRYPT, X11 and ETHASH. It’s time to start working with real professionals.

Cooperating with us, you can control the operation of your equipment at any time convenient for you. We are make mining truly profitable.


Discount: 20.00%Basic 1 (SHA-256)
1 TH/sOne-Time PurchaseRevenue forecast:
Daily Profit: ~0.00000210 BTC ($0.10)
Monthly Profit: ~0.00006292 BTC ($2.93)
Annual Profit: ~0.00076551 BTC ($35.63)

Discount: 21.00%Basic 2 (SHA-256)
2 TH/sOne-Time PurchaseRevenue forecast:
Daily Profit: ~0.00000419 BTC ($0.20)
Monthly Profit: ~0.00012584 BTC ($5.86)
Annual Profit: ~0.00153103 BTC ($71.25)

Price per 1 TH/s = $23.19
Discount: 22.00%Basic 3 (SHA-256)
4 TH/sOne-Time PurchaseRevenue forecast:
Daily Profit: ~0.00000839 BTC ($0.39)
Monthly Profit: ~0.00025168 BTC ($11.71)
Annual Profit: ~0.00306206 BTC ($142.51)

Price per 1 TH/s = $22.96
Discount: 23.00%Insider 1 (SHA-256)
10 TH/sOne-Time PurchaseRevenue forecast:
Daily Profit: ~0.00002097 BTC ($0.98)
Monthly Profit: ~0.00062919 BTC ($29.28)
Annual Profit: ~0.00765514 BTC ($356.26)

Price per 1 TH/s = $22.72
Discount: 24.00%Insider 2 (SHA-256)
20 TH/sOne-Time PurchaseRevenue forecast:
Daily Profit: ~0.00004195 BTC ($1.95)
Monthly Profit: ~0.00125838 BTC ($58.56)
Annual Profit: ~0.01531029 BTC ($712.53)

Price per 1 TH/s = $22.49
Discount: 25.00%Insider 3 (SHA-256)
40 TH/sOne-Time PurchaseRevenue forecast:
Daily Profit: ~0.00008389 BTC ($3.90)
Monthly Profit: ~0.00251676 BTC ($117.13)
Annual Profit: ~0.03062058 BTC ($1,425.05)

Price per 1 TH/s = $22.25
Discount: 26.00%VIP 1 (SHA-256)
50 TH/sOne-Time PurchaseRevenue forecast:
Daily Profit: ~0.00010486 BTC ($4.88)
Monthly Profit: ~0.00314595 BTC ($146.41)
Annual Profit: ~0.03827572 BTC ($1,781.31)


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