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About is an online platform for Gagan Ltd which is the owner of the third generation coin which it calls Gagancoin. Road Map

The decision to establish the Gagancoin was first conceived in the first quarter of 2019; this led to the creation of Gagan Ltd. From 2019 to 2020, mining facilities were constructed and fully installed at the mining centers. The company thought it wise to involve the public in mining the coin so this led to the creation of

The plan is that the coin will be listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko in the second quarter of 2021 while some exchanges should start trading them in the third quarter of this year. By June next year, Gagan Ltd intends to make Gagancoin among the best 200 coins in the market.


The benefits of are related to what Gagancoin has to offer. They are as follows:

Top Speed:

One of the reasons why third generation coins such as this one will outperform the bitcoin and other first generation cryptocurrencies is that its speed of transaction is very high. Bitcoin transactions usually take several hours for a confirmation but this is not the case with Gagancoin that operates at 50,000 transactions per second. What this means is that it will serve better as a means of paying for goods and services.

High Security:

Issues such as 51% attack that has been recorded among other cryptocurrencies cannot happen on Gagancoin.

High Return on Investment:

Just like BTC, Gagancoin has a limited amount that will be supplied and what’s presently available is 20 million coins. The limitation is geared towards increasing the price of the coin in the nearest future just like BTC. However, at the moment, the coin can be obtained for $8. The owners of the coin want to sacrifice a fraction of the total amount earmarked for circulation so that some money can be generated from its sales. The money obtained will be ploughed back into Gagancoin so that its market can grow and the value increase in the long run. Investors who take part in the opportunity now are likely going to have profits over 1000%.

Second Password Activation:

One of the best reasons to choose Gagancoin wallet above the others is that it gives one the opportunity to have a second password. This is essential in the case of the death of the owner. It is unfortunate that people die without passing their wealth to their family members thereby leaving them to suffer in abject poverty. Gagancoin’s second password for account owners can be created and given to a next-of-kin after setting its expected working date. For example, a man can decide to create a second password but set its activation at 25 days after his death. The new password will only work after the owner’s demise because it will not be activated so long as the first password is frequently used.


Gagancoin promises to be better than other cryptocurrencies that we have seen so far. If that happens, then investing just $8 presently would be worth it. Care must be taken though. It is not advisable to invest an amount you cannot lose comfortably. All the best!

Is paying, legit or scam?

The current status of is Not Paying. Please let us know in the comment section about your experience. You can post your proof of payments too.

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1 month ago
✅ Date: 01-14-2021
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1 month ago
Are they still paying as I have invested with them
1 month ago
@peepso_user_1060(Munthir Petersen)
5 days ago


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