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Expiration: October 31, 2022

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0.00100036 BTC
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1.21220267 USD

Referral commission: 10%
Payment: bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, perfectmoney Review

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Investment Plan2% daily forever
Alexa Traffic Rank0
StatusNot Paying

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26 thoughts on “”

  1. Summer Boy says:

    I joined through this website some weeks ago. It was listed as paying.
    I had done so much research and thought to give it a try. My biggest surprise is the fact that after depositing 35$ from my holdings in USD on binance via tron,it acted like a good service with the authentication and email login which made the interface look great.
    I complained to the admin via chat and it all looked safe and I mentioned that I was satisfied with their response.
    Within three days I tried to log back in after a third time and I get this message error stating that my access from server is denied. I also try to make a complain through chat and no responses.

  2. Kellyman avatar Kellyman says:

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  5. Withdrawal received
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  7. Idris says:

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  8. Nelson says:

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  9. I was also a victim of scam. With the help of the email on my username I was able to pull out my funds out of this shit scams.

  10. Found fxtradingbot . N e t online and this has been of great help to me and my family financially. Withdrawal is free and receive immediately

  11. Jarrod avatar Jarrod says:

    Withdrawal received as promised
    Withdrawal Received
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  12. Withdrawal Received
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  13. Withdrawal Received
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  14. Withdrawal received
    Hash —30026673b4e653e583d61886322eebfca3d51a6d8f1eab239c5790fc62d9b24e
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  15. I’ve just received my withdrawal from this team .. Fxtradingbot is a tested and trusted platform

  16. Kiomali avatar Kiomali says:

    Great platform I received my return as promised .

  17. Jonaun says:

    fxtradingbot.Net is financial empowerment , Fxtradingbot is best invest place you can ever think of in the world

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    1. elchaman avatar elchaman says:

      I was there, they are still holding my money…with the excuse of taxation fee…so, if you can make withdrawal take advantage and do so, before they ask you for taxation fee or any other excuse to keep your funds.

      1. Withdrawal is free on fxtradingbot

  18. Withdrawal received
    Hash -: 7e505e364368da939d37359514d353f35ac982ae82c35d9f183c1fb1b2492ef9
    Amount-: 0.01002973
    Wallet-: bc1qm322ckzq9x9ujhruqual0u5wr4c7pwtgzagn3z
    Date -: 2022 -03-05 23:22

  19. Withdrawal received
    Hash-: 0a9fb3a3946fec6c25fde41cefa8ae7b2a8db2918ec7fde14d22111d2dee2d8d
    Amount-: 0.04548303
    Wallet-: 3BfsirKH8jB2LitCkC2vBzixz1dGoj4ZqU
    Date-: 2022-03-05 23:19

  20. Fxtradingbot . N et provides investment with peace of mind. Made a total of 27 successful withdrawal from this great platform. I earned two hundred percent on a five days plan
    Withdrawal received
    Hash-: 6559cd69a2c9e11d14bcb0775bf27ec22ee521df3f533d514a341644f161a052
    Amount-: 0.05849740BTC
    Wallet-: bc1qhznehghe5j2rzfumkhra8r0a87qn8t0r4gzx3m

  21. Withdrawal received
    Hash-: 263b196fef928db7f61bb76fc445117509afe79b6795b232946b1a34d53951f2
    Date – : 2022-03-05 14:20

    1. elchaman avatar elchaman says:

      Why are you still holding my money…?
      Come on tell them the truth…

  22. Kellyman avatar Kellyman says:

    I received my withdrawal from this platform. Keep up the good work

  23. elchaman avatar elchaman says:

    Scam…!!! Scam…!!! Scam…!!! Becareful with them…at first, they lure you by allowing you make small withdrawals to gain your confidence, then, they try to convince you to commit more money with the promise of higher return, in my case ($5000). But, then, when you want to make a bigger withdrawal or want to retrive your whole investment, they come up with all kind of excuses to keep your money. Stay away from them.

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