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Added: June 18, 2021 (updated July 19, 2021)

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About Fxbitpool.com

These this company is a total scam.

Their ” account manager” says you can start an investment of $500 but the when you deposit the $500 oh he made a mistake and made yor account for $1000 .  Ok then you deposit the other $500 so you have $1000 in you balance. Then your session starts. They say it last for 7 days. So at the end of the 7 days they send you an e mail that says your session has ended and now you need to deposit 20% of your earnings ($xxxx) for commissions/taxes.

Ok I knew I would need to pay their “commission/tax, their  ” account manger” tells you that you “dont have to pay you commissions till after you receive your earnings” lol.

So you say just deduct the commissions/TAX for your earnings like your “account manager ” said they would be, oh but NO this cant be done because your account is new.

So my conclusion is thus company is a Total SCAM

They just want you to send them more and more money. Stay away from Fxbitpool.com

Is Fxbitpool.com paying, legit or scam?

The current status of Fxbitpool.com is Not Paying. Please let us know in the comment section about your experience.

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Stay away from this site, I repeat stay away. This site is a huge scam I was also ripped off by them and I was in deep shit till a friend introduced cashretrieval01 @ gmail . com to me. They helped me recover my money without any form of upfront payment
Agree, this is a big scam. You will lose all your money
Fxbitpool is scamming people. I lost 41000 usd trading binary option through them and several others, I couldn’t withdraw my investment not to talk of my profits. I had to hire a recovery Company named Scam-Inspect and they were able to help me recover 80% of my investment, i am happy to help other traders going through this. If you need help in claiming your lost investment from binary companies visit the website "scaminspect.c o m"
2 weeks ago