Fantom partners with AG Mentors to remodel Uzbekistan's IT facilities

Fantom partners with AG Mentors to remodel Uzbekistan’s IT facilities

The Fantom Foundation disclosed its partnership with AG Mentors crew presided by the past Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan, Elyar Ganiev. Fantom’s existence in South and Central Asia has widened to Uzbekistan. The cooperation with AG Mentors is concentrated on boosting the IT networks of the nation.

Based on the post released yesterday on the company’s Blog, the cooperation will make use of a blockchain remedy that is Fantom-oriented. This is to refurbish the nation’s Information Technology system to meet up to the modern standard. The collaboration happens amidst the country’s online modification plan. Last year, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the president, listed out the strategy to make use of online technology to enhance community aids in the nation, which he named ‘Strategy for Digital Uzbekistan.’ The company will deliver customized solutions that are blockchain-focused in places like CBDC, supply chain control, and many others.

Following the Information, the company hopes to utilize the knowledge gained from cooperating with other administrations in Asia, both South and central. Presently, it is In collaboration with Tajikistan, which is mainly channeled to the Information and Technology division focusing on the Country’s development to meet up with the modern demands.

Outside the country’s collaboration with the government of Tajik, it is also involved in combined projects with Afghanistan and Pakistan. In the latter nation, it is based on building solutions that are blockchain-focused for the Punjab Prisons Department, but in the former, it works in collaboration with the health ministry to use a decentralized system in fighting the circulation of fake pharmaceuticals.


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